10 Most Underrated Stealth Video Games

 3. Mark Of The Ninja

10 Most Underrated Stealth Video Games - Mark Of The Ninja

From one 2D stealth and side-scroller to another, Klei Entertainment’s innovation has no limit. Mark Of The Ninja’s stealth and mixture of different styles are more solid and vivid than the The Division’s sales figures. I know one thing for sure that amazing character and level designs, awesome artwork epic story and after 15 hour of healthy gameplay you will be begging for more.

You have plenty of items, weapons and abilities to unlock in Mark Of The Ninja such as spike traps, cracker for distraction, gliding skills, time freeze and even teleportaion abilities. If detected by guards you can easily vanish in smoke cloud.

If stealth games have a heart full of special abilities, powerful characters, tactile controls, and awesome level design Mark Of The Ninja is truly one of the best stealth game that you should play if you haven’t already!