10 Most Underrated Stealth Video Games

7. Invisible Inc.

10 Most Underrated Stealth Video Games - Invisible Inc.

Klei Entertainment that brings you Don’t Starve, Mark of the Ninja and other great indie games, reinvented the stealth genre all over again in 2015 and applied the isometric strategy, turn-based and tactical formula same as XCOM on Invisible Inc..

Invisible Inc. game force you to plan your every move just like in Metal Gear Acid. Hack the security system to open new paths, hiding bodies, predicting enemy movements, planting agents and deploying special abilities are some of the great features of this awesome game. The game has stunning animations and it really look like that Klei Entertainment has really put some great effort in making this game.

If you like games where you like to have control over which enemy to take down and how, and other similar stealth elements than this game is definitely for you.