10 Most Underrated Stealth Video Games

8. Alpha Protocol

10 Most Underrated Stealth Video Games - Alpha Protocol

The best way to play this espionage rpg game is to spectate for stealth kills, make good infiltration tactics and clear the area one guard at a time. But of you want to ditch the idea of stealth play-style and you want to go all out war on enemies, Alpha Protocol has covered you in this regard too.

Obsidian Entertainment are best with great ideas like Fallout: New Vegas, it was an awesome execution. Before the release of Alpha Protocol, it was bragged as “weightless gunplay”, “Mass Effect for spies”, or “only for bugs”, or “old generation animations” and these are the thing that  really dragged down the game. But players/gamers like me found it engaging and outstanding as stealth genre.

Since the launch, most of the issues and bugs have been cleared out and now the game looks more smooth then before. Although the game imitate Mass Effect’s dialogue system, but the pathways that lead you to various levels and endings in the game really gave Alpha Protocol massive replayability.