Doom 2016 Easter Eggs Guide

Doom 2016 Easter Eggs Guide

Doom 2016 Easter Eggs Guide

As everyone loves Easter eggs, in Doom 2016 Easter Eggs Guide we will reveal all the Easter eggs you ‘ll find in this newly released FPS horror-action video game in Doom series. Doom 2016 Easter Eggs includes different game references that we are going to list below, so you’ve been warned. Spoilers ahead!

There are two kinds of game references that you’ll find in the Doom 2016, one is Bethesda Games and the other is Non-Bethesda Games. First we will reveal all the Non-Bethesda Game references in the Doom 2016.

Doom 2016 Easter Eggs – Non-Bethesda Games:

Candy Crush Saga: You’ll find a lab in Doom 2016 with the interactive video monitor which will allow you to play a match-3 kind of game called Demonic Destruction. Similar to Candy Crush Saga it will definitely going to waste a lot of your time.

Terminator 2: If you Jump into the pool of fire, it will kill the Doom Space Marine. Your player will burst into flames and then start to sink, the player will give a thumbs up as you finally submerge.

Doom 2016 Easter Eggs – Bethesda Games:

Original Doom Game: When you go down to level 4-A using the lift, you’ll find a room with a old Green armor and med kit. It’s an awesome reminder of the original Doom game and a direct testament to how far the Doom series has come.

Doom 2: In your playthrough you will find a secret room, a Doom 2 room to be precise. in this room you will see old Doom 2 corpses, and some imps from the current-gen of Doom. If you pan your camera in right position in any of these secret rooms, you can see an original Doom Marine in your helmet in pixaleted graphics.

Doom 3: In your playthrough of Doom 2016, you will find some boxes laying around. When you jump over these boxes you will find a secret room with Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3 old arcade video game.

Fallout 4: You will find Fallout Easter Eggs all over this latest Doom game. You can see Fallout 4 stickers on various doors in the UAC.

Skyrim: As you make your way through the monster filled corridors of UAC, you may see a skeleton wearing a helm with familiar horned from Bethesda’s awesome series.

Commander Keen: You will find another skeleton of a commander wearing iconic football helmet. id Software has upgraded it but you can see the similarities.

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