Xbox One Best Games of 2016

Xbox One Best Games of 2016

Xbox One Best Games of 2016

2016 is looking to be a great year for Xbox One games as there are plenty of amazing Xbox One games on their way. Last year we’ve seen amazing growth in their sales with the release of awesome exclusives such as Rise of the Tomb Raider, Xbox is now running head to head with its competitors. Previously I wrote about Best PS4 Games You Must Play. Now it’s Xbox One’s turn, despite the fact that Xbox One is chasing PlayStation 4 in sales and profit doesn’t mean Xbox One is lacking great games.

Xbox One has pretty awesome library of games with stunning graphics strong narrative and immersive gameplay. If you have Xbox One and a pocket to buy these Xbox One Best Games of 2016, you should experience all these games listed below. So let’s get started..

10. Below

Xbox One Best Games of 2016 - BELOW

Below is an indie adventure and classic rogue-like video game planned for release on PC and Xbox One. In the game you will search the underground world for rare loot items while fighting against Darkness.

Capybara Games calls this a rogue-like video game where you explore the world, survive various creatures and monster lurking in every corner and discover mysterious secrets. Capybara Games also discussed that they want this game to be difficult just like Dark Souls games but obviously with different narrative, prospective and aesthetic.

Below is actually on my short list of things I want this year!

9. Fable Legends

Xbox One Best Games of 2016 - Fable Legends

Fable Legends is all about time that is all I want to say. Fable Legends is probably one of the best franchises on the Xbox systems and while in the past sometimes things had been over promised. If you take each of the games for what they are, they are phenomenal!

And in on that same token, it really sound like Fable Legends is shaping up to be something very cool. Fable Legends can be played as a Multiplayer game or as a single player game. The experience is supposedly the game, there are four heroes that can all be played as people or AI and a villain who is also a player character.

The villain actually sees a lot of real time strategy and has to setup everything in the context of the battle, for instance the placement of the enemies and directing different creatures to attack specific heroes. He will also be activating portals or gates to damage and split up heroes.

The underline concept sounds pretty different from Fable to me. But if you watch it, it looks like such a Fable game, as a long time fan of the Fable series, I’m excited!

8. Cuphead

Xbox One Best Games of 2016 - Cuphead

Cuphead is a run and gun platform video game that is heavily focused on Boss Battles. The game looks like an old Disney Cartoon, it even looks like it has a film degradation that wold be associated with an old Disney cartoon. The game has a world map that reminds me of the Donkey Kong Country game and action RPG in some ways.

The levels supposedly branch a great deal in the game, I like this because that’s how old school platformers did this. On top of that there’s seems to be actually pretty good move set for Cuphead himself with the ability to parry. Parrying is integral to filling up a special meter to form a special ‘Move’. It all actually sounds a little bit more complex and layered than a typical platformer nowadays.

7. Recore

Xbox One Best Games of 2016 - Recore

Recore is an action-adventure game that looks like a pretty interesting game. Not all the gameplay elemnts of the Recore has not been revealed yet but between the company headed by the man responsible for first 3 Megaman and Megaman X games as well as Armature Studio who’s credit includes Metroid Prime 3 and Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate which are actually pretty darn good games.

These two companies are partnered together and it’s pretty obvious to me that here’s a lot of talent involved and plus the trailer somehow manages to be about robots, rebirth, attachment and lots of other symbolism without really feeling forced in it.

6. Sea of Thieves

Xbox One Best Games of 2016 - Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is an adventure video game from Rare, Rare has really rammed up the ambition on this one. Keep in mind Rare is the same studio that came up with Donkey Kong Country, Perfect Dark and several other titles that have absolutely gone down in the books as classics.

The thing that I like about Sea of Thieves is that it absolutely sets it up from monumental failure, if it’s not what it says it is. And you have to appreciate people when the set their neck out in that way, as for what it says what it is, it’s an action-adventure game where the player has control using in game tools to create the story they want to take part in or take part in other stories.

It’s such an open ended premise that like I said it’s underscored by massive ambition. If this game works, it’ll going to be one of the biggest games of this generation and that’s why this game is on our Xbox One Best Games of 2016 list.

5. Scalebound

Xbox One Best Games of 2016 - Scalebound

Scalebound is developed by Platinum Games and that right there should tell you a lot of what you are getting from it. That means fast paced wild action but this also sounds like an evolution fro Platinum Games. Scalebound is the game that Platinum Games is basically been trying to make since they started in 2006.

Hideki Kamiya said that Dragon Slayer from 1987 is the game that inspired him to make Scalebound, specifically talking about gigantic monsters. He also said it’s going to be a hardcore game so I suspect it’s probably not going to be that far off action wise from what one might expect from Platinum Games but lot more depth underline.


Xbox One Best Games of 2016 - Doom

The 2016 version of Doom has been in development for a very long time. The last Doom game was in 2004 and that was originally started to succeed Doom 3 which was the previous game. They realize just continuing was not enough, they needed to start over.

id Software has decided that they want to go with such a radically upgraded platform of what one could expect from Doom that they went with the idea of Reboot. There are a lot of reboots going on right now but honestly, I have a lot of faith in this one because they are keeping to their guns in some very specific ways, for instance, no cover mechanic or health regeneration system. But at the same time try to bring to an audience that really has no experience of Doom before.

This both distillation and massive upgrade to what we know of Doom.

3. Crackdown 3

Xbox One Best Games of 2016 - Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3 is a sandbox shooter, I haven’t seen a game that really has destructible environment on a scale of this since Red Faction Guerrilla and I have to say I’m ready to return. Destructible environments are freaking sweet and this game is almost based around it in a sandbox environment.

Can you imagine Multiplayer matches where a player is in the building and suddenly the building comes down, I’d say a good way to win. I don’t know if that is exactly possible or not but it kind of looks like it might be. In order to accomplish all this, Crackdown 3 is actually using ‘Cloud Computing’ that is 20 times faster than the local computing. The destructible environments are gonna be a big deal in Crackdown 3.

2. Quantum Break

Xbox One Best Games of 2016 - Quantum Break

Quantum Break is a time based action-adventure third person shooter game. The game starts as a time traveling experiment goes wrong and requires you to start reversing bullets because that’s one of your abilities. On top of that there’s gonna be some pretty smooth environmental puzzles from the sounds of it.

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Although, a lot of time based games have come out in last 5 or 6 years, from the description of it Quantum Break is really have its own environment which is pretty awesome like a AAA big event that’s why it’s on our Xbox One Best Games of 2016 list.

1. Gears of War 4

Xbox One Best Games of 2016 - Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4 is an action third person shooter in Gears of War Series. Microsoft was very cleaver and pull out some great business deals that are making a change in 2016. What we’ve seen in Gears of War 4 so far, it’s shown us much bigger and more complicated monsters as well as much more gorgeous terrain; an atmospheric effect that generates a sense of feeling that a lot of games actually don’t. Gears of War games always been really aesthetically focused and by the looks of this game, I can tell it says Gears of War.

Are you looking forward to any of these games, leave us a comment below and tell us your favorite game and also do not forget to share this with your friends.