Pokemon Go Gym Battles and Rewards Guide

Pokemon Go Gym Battles and Rewards Guide

Pokemon Go Gym Battles and Rewards Guide

Battling in Pokemon Go is done at the Gyms, some gyms are abandoned such as Area 51 Gym but there are others which are far more popular and competitive than other gyms. These gym battles are strategic in nature, you require good knowledge of Pokemon in order to win the Gym Battles. Knowledge such as abilities, weakness, special attacks of different Pokemon can come in handy while Battling at the Gyms.

Using this knowledge you can have a good grip in an ongoing battle at the gym. When you take control of a gym then you have to defend and can ultimately earn different rewards if. In Pokemon Go Gym Battles and Rewards Guide we will tell you all about gym battles and rewards that you can earn from Gyms in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Gym Battles and Rewards Guide:

Pokemon Go Gym Battles and Rewards Guide – Gym Battles:

In a Gym Battle, there are three things to do. You can perform standard attacks by tapping the screen, you can swipe right or left to dodge an opponent’s Pokemon attack, or when a bar on your screen fills you can perform a special attack by holding the screen for a split second. These 3 are pretty simple actions but the main thing is how you perform these actions during your Gym Battle.

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Whenever you see the yellow flash on your screen during a gym battle use a dodge move because an attack is imminent when there is yellow flash on the screen. Swipe right/left when you see this yellow flash, ignore the animation of your opponent’s Pokemon, it doesn’t matter. After dodging, attack with your standard attack and then wait for the next yellow flash. Then dodge again and attack again. Your special attack should not be used at all as it leaves you vulnerable after you land it.

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Gym Battles are pretty straight forward, you dodge enemy attacks and all the while trying to land your own attacks. If you can have a perfect timing you can attack twice after dodging an enemy Pokemon attack. Be careful while using your special attack because it will make you vulnerable for some time after land it.

If you lives in America then the best time to go for gym raiding is in middle of a night or if you’re in some other country then you should look for gyms during the day. Because servers are also one of your worst enemies in the Gym battles. Just wait for the night, it’ll allow you to avoid 1HP glitch. 1HP glitch is where you can not finish your enemy’s Pokemon because servers are not registering the fight properly.

Pokemon Go Gym Battles and Rewards Guide – Rewards:

The more Pokemon you defeat, the bigger the rewards you’ll earn. You will earn gym prestige and experience; the farther you get at an opposing gym, the more rewards you earn. You will knock down an opponent team’s gym prestige if you take down their Pokemon

If you fight and win at your own gym, you’ll win experience and prestige. Ff you fight at a gym where your own Pokemon is stationed at, you’ll gain prestige and experience plus you will not risk any hit points of your Pokemon.

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You will be defending a gym when you leave a strong Pokemon at that Gym and you’ll earn coins for every 21 hours  period. If you want to keep a particular Gym then leave your strongest Pokemon at that gym. But if you just want to  earn coins then you can station a weaker Pokemon.

Leaving a weaker Pokemon at a Gym means you can keep the strongest one in your pocket to battle opposing gym leaders. Whenever your weaker Pokemon tastes defeat at a gym you’re defending, that Pokemon will return to you. But don’t worry you can retake that gym again by defeating opponent’s Pokemon that is stationed there.