Pokemon Go Eevee Evolution

Pokemon Go Eevee Evolution

Pokemon Go fans finally found a very reliable trick to evolve Eevee Pokemon into the Pokemon you desire! Just like in the main Pokemon video game series, in Pokemon Go the Eevee has 3 different kinds of evolution Jolteon, Vaporeon and Flareon. These evolution types can turn Eevee into more strong and powerful elemental versions of itself particularly Fire, Water and Electric.

In Pokemon Go Eevee Evolution guide we will provide you how to evolve Eevee into Jolteon, Vaporeon and Flareon in this augmented reality game Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Eevee Evolution:

There’s a secret that will help you determine your Eevee’s evolution. You can easily choose which kind of evolution you want for your Eevee by naming Eevee ‘Rainer’ to get ‘Vaporeon’, Pyro to get ‘Flareon’ and Sparky to get ‘Jolteon’. It’is an Easter egg from the original anime series ‘Eevee Brothers’ episode. Remember one thing that you should use a capital letter first for instance Pyro not pyro.

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  • Name Eevee ‘Sparky’ to get Jolteon
  • Name Eevee ‘Pyro’ to get Flareon
  • Name Eevee ‘Rainer’ to get Vaporeon

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Due to different server issues such as names of your Pokemon not properly registering, it is recommended that you name your Eevee with the intended evolution name. And then close and restart Pokemon Go app to confirm the change of name went through the servers. When you confirm that the change of name was registered on the server, then you can safely do the Eevee evolution.

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