No Man’s Sky Redeeming Alpha Vector Ship

No Man's Sky Redeeming Alpha Vector Ship

No Man’s Sky Redeeming Alpha Vector Ship

No Man’s Sky is a pretty massive game with its procedurally generated universe. And we all want to experience this universe and fly around in an amazing ship. Most of us will be updating our ships quite often as we make progress in No Man’s Sky. But those who pre-ordered this game have a chance to activate the special bonus ship with an additional inventory slot.

In No Man’s Sky Redeeming Alpha Vector Ship guide will teach you how you can redeem your Alpha Vector ship, so that you can enjoy extra inventory slot and earn more Units (currency) as quickly as possible.

No Man’s Sky Redeeming Alpha Vector Ship:

First press OPTIONS button on the PS4 controller. It’ll bring the Discoveries window, ignore this tab and press R1 until you’ve selected OPTIONS tab on far right of menu. This is where you can find options like joystick sensitivity, audio levels, etc.

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In this Option menu, scroll down to an area which says Redeem Bonus Content. Click on this by holding X button, and highlight a line which says Redeem: Alpha Vector Ship. Now you just need to complete a process by transferring special items to your new ship, and then pressing a big green button at the very bottom of your screen.

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This will swap your  ships and replace the old starter ship with a cool looking Alpha Vector Ship with an extra slot for inventory. Once you have upgraded the ship be sure to get this ship fixed asap so that you can start exploring the planets.

Do not get too attached to your Alpha Vector ship and do not be afraid to give up this ship for the one that offers more features and functionality. You’ll often find many ships for sale that do not look as awesome as Alpha Vector, but offer more inventory space, and thus allowing you to store more things.