Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Best Skills to Unlock

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Best Skills to Unlock

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Best Skills to Unlock

In Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Faith Connors has some great abilities and unlocks, but which abilities are the best that you should unlock first? Do not worry, we have covered you in this regard, after spending great time exploring the the city of Glass, In Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Best Skills to Unlock, we are going to to tell you the 6 best skills that you should unlock as soon as you can.

One thing you should remember that you have to unlock other skills to unlock some of the skills/abilities we’ve listed below. The skills we are listing below are by no means the most important ones, in fact, every skill that you will unlock unlock is really important to the experience. Of course, these skills are just some of the most important ones to focus as early on as possible. You can easily see the information about requirements by clicking on skill in Progression menu.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Best Skills to Unlock

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Best Skills to Unlock – Skill Roll:

The skill roll ability is one of the most important skill that a Runner can use, while making a way across the rooftops in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Whether you are being pursued by K-Sec guards or just out for the lovely stroll, you are going to want to get skill roll ability unlocked asap, otherwise you are will find yourself slowing down a lot while making higher drops and longer jumps, and in the city of Glass, speed is definitely one of your greatest allies.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Best Skills to Unlock – Quickturn:

Combat is really an important component of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, and whether you are busy taking down K-Sec forces or you are just trying to make your way up to the highest rooftops in this city, the quickturn skill is going to be a great help.

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Unlocking this special skill early on in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, allow Faith to quickly turn around in 180 and 90 degree turns. This will help you to complete longer free running spurts and achieve new heights. Unlock Quickturn skill to help keep yourself moving as fast as you can. Not to mention, this skill is really great for taking down strong and heavy enemies with just a few hits.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Best Skills to Unlock – Coil:

If you are looking to compete in Time Trials created by other players or just looking to make the best possible impression in your mission completion times, the Coil skill is really a must-have ability. This ability allows you to lift Faith’s knees to her chest while in the air which allows her to quickly vault over different multiple objects at a time and helps her move faster than she could before. This is a must-have skill for speed run fans and those for who are just looking to stay ahead of K-Sec forces.

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Best Skills to Unlock – Stun Advantage:

Stun Advantage is a special combat skill that is necessary for taking down K-Sec soldiers quickly. Once you unlock this skill, it will allow Faith to attack opponents with 3 Light Attacks when they’re stunned/suppressed. Pair Stun Advantage with the next skill on this list and this combat skill is really important to survive the K-Sec onslaught that Gabriel Krueger will send your way.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Best Skills to Unlock – Disrupt:

Combat is not always something that you can run from and sometimes speed can only help Faith so much. That is where combat skills such as Disrupt come into play. Disrupt allows Faith to temporarily stun all K-Sec guards in an outlined vicinity. This ability helps you control the battlefield and also allows Faith to quickly get out of troublesome situations. It is also handy for taking down surveillance cameras that Gabriel Krueger has placed in the city of Glass.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Best Skills to Unlock – Climb Efficiency:

The last skill on this last is one of our favorite skills, even though this ability does not do a lot. When you unlock Climb Efficiency, it allows Faith’s movements on pipes and ladders much faster which ultimately allow her to ascend much quicker than ever before. It is also perfect for getting through Time Trial challenges and also for setting some great records on side and main missions. It is a must-have ability and while you are sure to unlock this skill eventually, we would suggest that you try to get Climb Efficiency as early on as possible.

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These are the 6 most important skills to that you should unlock first in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, if you really want to be a successful Runner. These skills will unlock Faith’s true potential on rooftops as well as during combat.