Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Create Custom Time Trials

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Create Custom Time Trials

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Create Custom Time Trials

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has always been about having a best time on missions and time trails. Thanks to this new open world format in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, there are more ways than ever to compete against friend’s top scores and socialize. In Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Create Custom Time Trials guide we will teach you that how you can create custom time trials in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, so that your online buddies and friends can beat your top scores.

The first step in creating new Time Trial is to find a starting point. Once you have found the best starting place, getting started is very simple. Open your pause menu and look for an option called Create Time Trial. This ‘Create Time Trial’ option will not show up if you are in the middle of story mission, or if you’ve a K-Sec alert triggered.

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Once the option is selected and you have found a starting point where you want starting checkpoint to be placed. Now you have to run the path and along the way you have to set up checkpoints. There is no limit on how many checkpoints you can set up, but remember one thing that if you really want the time trail to be fun and interesting, we’d suggest not setting checkpoints closely together, this way your friends have the option when they try to complete time trail.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Create Custom Time Trials

Once you have found the best ending point, it is time to save the Time Trial. The menu on your screen should list all the buttons you need based on your system or console. Once you have made the Time Trial, go back to starting point to play this time trail for the first time. This will give you an opportunity to set up a big top score for others to beat.

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You can bookmark your and other Time Trials that you find along the way. This bookmarking option will help you keep track of the coolest courses that you want to keep an eye on.

Now that you have made first Time Trial, and run it, now why not challenge your online friends to do the same? You can show your friends where to go to start your time trail by sharing screenshot of starting location on the map.

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If your time trail need any special gear to complete, make sure you tell your friends about it. After all, you do not want your friends to get frustrated that why they cannot make jumps that involve a Magrope, when they have not unlocked it yet, would you?