Mirror’s Edge Catalyst How to Change Runner Emblem

Mirror's Edge Catalyst How to Change Runner Emblem

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst How to Change Runner Emblem

Apart from customizing and changing Faith into Runner you can also customize the way you are represented in the game by way of Runner Emblem. In Mirror’s Edge Catalyst How to Change Runner Emblem guide you will learn how you can change your Runner Emblem in this FPS action-adventure parkour/platformer game.

To change Runner Emblem in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, you will have to change it via EA account online rather than in game settings. If you are playing Mirror’s Edge Catalyst on a console then you will have to get computer or your smart phone to tackle this, which is a bit odd because all other alterations can be made in-game.

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To change your Runner Emblem got to MirrorsEdge.com, and log in with your EA account credentials. You will be greeted with the screen where you can choose different frames, emblems and backgrounds to create a very special Emblem which you can use to be represented by in the game.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst How to Change Your Runner Emblem

Click on the profile in the top corner on the right side of the screen or the page and then click ‘View Profile’ to be taken directly to the page with tools to edit. Here in this page, you can also view others’ challenges, the map and issue challenges to other players so that they can come back to them.

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As you make progress Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, you will unlock different Emblems as you Runner Echoes. You will also find all of the collected Emblems by you here in this page, so if you get a wild hair and you want to change or customize things, be sure to check back and log in to see which items you have collected as well as which image you want to display to represent yourself in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s online world.