Headlander Walkthrough

Headlander Walkthrough

Headlander Walkthrough

Headlander is a sci-fi action and platformer side scrolling video game from Double Fine Productions. In Headlander you play as the last human in universe and all that is left of you is just a disembodied head. To seek clues to your past, you must travel through a dangerous world of robots and machines using a very special helmet. This special helmet allows you to dock into different robotic host and take control of their body.

You will launch from one robot body to another to discover things that are not what they appear to be. Headlander has a world where humanity have transferred its minds into robot bodies and now are ruled by the deranged computer. It’s an era of automation, a utopia that has gone wrong in which humanity’s fate has yet to be decided.

Headlander Walkthrough:

In Headlander Walkthrough we will provide you a complete game with some strategy and gameplay tips so that you can easily finish your Headlander game. This Headlander Walkthrough video series is created by Father, I hope you guys will enjoy it!

Headlander Walkthrough – Part 1 – Tutorial:

In this ‘Headlander: Tutorial’ your objective is to deactivate the security lasers and escape Starcophagus.

Headlander Walkthrough – Part 2 – Find The Pleasure Port:

In this ‘Headlander: Find The Pleasure Port’ your objective is to enter pleasure port and get to satellite chalet.

Headlander Walkthrough – Part 3 – Find All Satellite Communication Dishes:

In this ‘Headlander: Find All Satellite Communication Dishes’ your objective is to Re-align satellites to clear up the communication and then find a way to Power Dome.

Headlander Walkthrough – Part 4:

Headlander Walkthrough – Part 5:

Headlander Walkthrough – Part 6:

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