Headlander Trophies Guide

Headlander Trophies Guide

Headlander Trophies Guide

Headlander is a side scrolling action-platformer video game where you play as disembodied human head who can take control of different robotic bodies by docking into them. In Headlander, you’re exploring a sci-fi world in search of clues to the past. The game has various trophies for you to get for the PlayStation 4 version.

In Headlander Trophies Guide we will list all the trophies that you can get during the playthrough of your game. Headlander has 31 Trophies including 30 hidden/secret trophies to earn in this action-platformer and Metroidvania video game for PlayStation 4 version. In the game you can earn 2 Bronze, 26 Silver, 2 Gold, and one Platinum trophies to increase the Gamer Level.

Headlander Trophies Guide: (Normal)

1 – Head Master (Platinum Trophy):  100 % Headlander

Headlander Trophies Guide: (Secret)

2 – The Dawn of Man’s Head (Silver Trophy): Escape Starcophagus.

3 – Probe the Pleasure Port (Silver Trophy): Thrust through Pleasure Port to find Satellite Chalet

4 – Messages From Space (Silver Trophy): Align Satellite Chalet dishes to gain access to Archives

5 – Brown Out (Silver Trophy): Shut down power stations in Power Dome to gain access to Archives

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6 – God Created the Dater (Silver Trophy): Upload Archive Data to Earl

7 – Dynamite with a Laser Beam (Silver Trophy): Defeat ‘Kill Queen’

8 – Le Voyage dans la Lune Citadel (Silver Trophy): Use long range zap to the Luna Citadel

9 – Star Crash (Silver Trophy): Find your body & witness the Earl’s sacrifice

10 – Winters is Coming (Silver Trophy): Find entrance to the Methuselah’s Core

11 – Colossus: The Methuselah Project (Silver Trophy): Defeat the Methuselah Titan

12 – Say No to Methuselah (Gold Trophy): Take the Methuselah offline

13 – The Omega Dog (Silver Trophy): Find Frank Dog & return him to the Eudora-5

14 – Double Trouble (Silver Trophy): Take out Spectrum Shepherds

15 – Invasion of the Bodies Snatcher (Silver Trophy): Find all bodies for Athena-7

16 – Close Encounters of the Turd Kind (Silver Trophy): Find the power gem charging Shepherd & return to Rhea-6

17 – Good to the Last Drop (Silver Trophy): Drain all of Energy S.A.C.s

18 – The Circuit (Silver Trophy): Find all mid-range zap locations

19 – Headhunter (Silver Trophy): Find all alpha, beta, & gamma terminals

20 – Clamiyuki Dance Party (Silver Trophy): Trigger all possible dance subroutines

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21 – Maxed Headroom (Gold Trophy): Unlock all the Upgrades

22 – Futureworld (Silver Trophy): Pop your head into each room to have a look-see

23 – The Gun is Good! (Silver Trophy): Execute 50 head-shots

24 – Ground Control (Silver Trophy): Destroy 25 enemies using the melee attacks

25 – Warhead (Silver Trophy): Use explosions to execute 5 enemies

26 – The Longest Voyage (Silver Trophy): Boost for 5.2155e – 13 parsecs / 10 miles

27 – By Your Command (Silver Trophy): Use the Auto Sentries to kill 10 enemies

28 – Rollerballs (Silver Trophy): Used the Overcharge Boost to kill 25 enemies

29 – You, Robot (Silver Trophy): Dock with all the body types

30 – Male Driver (Bronze Trophy): Kill the MAPPY without taking the map data

31 – Horse Play (Bronze Trophy): Play the game of H.O.R.S.E.

Tip: The game H.O.R.S.E is played by 2 or more players. In this game, first player possess the ball and attempts to make a basket from a specific spot and in a certain manner. Then he will explain the requirements of the shot to the other players. To unlock Horse Play achievement, you will have to destroy a Knight body in the room for another Knight chess piece to spawn. Then you have to put Knight’s horse head in basketball hoop on room’s left wall.

Location: It can be found in a robot locker room’s left wall / black and purple chess piece staging room. Here you will find the basketball hoop.