Headlander Achievements Guide

Headlander Achievements Guide

Headlander Achievements Guide

Headlander is an action platformer side scrolling video game where you are a disembodied human head who can dock into and then take control of different robotic bodies. In the game you are exploring the world in search of clues to your past. The game has various achievements for you to unlock for the PC version.

In Headlander Achievements Guide we will list all the achievements that you can unlock during your playthrough of the game. Headlander has 32 Achievements including 31 secret or hidden achievements to earn in this Metroidvania action-platformer video game for PC version.

Headlander Achievements Guide: (Normal)

1 – Head Master: 100 % Headlander

Headlander Achievements Guide: (Secret)

2 – The Dawn of Man’s Head: Escape Starcophagus.
3 – Probe the Pleasure Port: Thrust through Pleasure Port to find Satellite Chalet

4 – Messages From Space: Align Satellite Chalet dishes to gain access to Archives

5 – Brown Out: Shut down power stations in Power Dome to gain access to Archives

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6 – God Created the Dater: Upload Archive Data to Earl

7 – Dynamite with a Laser Beam: Defeat ‘Kill Queen’

8 – Le Voyage dans la Lune Citadel: Use long range zap to the Luna Citadel

9 – Star Crash: Find your body & witness the Earl’s sacrifice

10 – Winters is Coming: Find entrance to the Methuselah’s Core

11 – Colossus: The Methuselah Project: Defeat the Methuselah Titan

12 – Say No to Methuselah; Take the Methuselah offline

13 – The Omega Dog: Find Frank Dog & return him to the Eudora-5

14 – Double Trouble: Take out Spectrum Shepherds

15 – Invasion of the Bodies Snatcher: Find all bodies for Athena-7

16 – Close Encounters of the Turd Kind:Find the power gem charging Shepherd & return to Rhea-6

17 – Good to the Last Drop: Drain all of Energy S.A.C.s

18 – The Circuit: Find all mid-range zap locations

19 – Headhunter: Find all alpha, beta, & gamma terminals

20 – Clamiyuki Dance Party: Trigger all possible dance subroutines

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21 – Maxed Headroom: Unlock all the Upgrades

22 – Futureworld: Pop your head into each room to have a look-see

23 – The Gun is Good!: Execute 50 head-shots

24 – Ground Control: Destroy 25 enemies using the melee attacks

25 – Warhead: Use explosions to execute 5 enemies

26 – The Longest Voyage: Boost for 5.2155e – 13 parsecs / 10 miles

27 – By Your Command: Use the Auto Sentries to kill 10 enemies

28 – Rollerballs: Used the Overcharge Boost to kill 25 enemies

29 – You, Robot: Dock with all the body types

30 – Male Driver: Kill the MAPPY without taking the map data

31 – Horse Play: Play the game of H.O.R.S.E.

Tip: The game H.O.R.S.E is played by 2 or more players. In this game, first player possess the ball and attempts to make a basket from a specific spot and in a certain manner. Then he will explain the requirements of the shot to the other players. To unlock Horse Play achievement, you will have to destroy a Knight body in the room for another Knight chess piece to spawn. Then you have to put Knight’s horse head in basketball hoop on room’s left wall.

Location: It can be found in a robot locker room’s left wall / black and purple chess piece staging room. Here you will find the basketball hoop.

32 – Sanctuary: ?