Far Cry Primal How to Tame Animals

Far Cry Primal How to Tame Animals

Far Cry Primal How to Tame Animals

Far Cry Primal is an action adventure and FPS survival video game from UBI Soft. Far Cry Primal is fully packed with stunning and beautiful environments, dangerous beasts, unpredictable encounters and on top of that Stone Age setting. Far Cry Primal is not the a usual Far Cry game that we all use to play and enjoy this time its different and has plenty of interesting content that we have not seen before in any Far Cry Game. And one interesting thing that we will see here in this is taming different animals for your advantage. In Far Cry Primal How to Tame Animals you will learn how you can tame different beasts.

But before jumping in, one thing to note that not all animals in the Far Cry Primal are tamable. There are four different categories of animals that you can tame in this game.

Canines: This first category of animals is comprised of Wolves, Strip Wolves, White Wolves, Rare Dholes and Dholes. This category will unlock after you complete the Best Master Quest and tame the white wolf.

Wildcats: This category is comprised of Leopards, Rare Black Jaguars, Jaguars, Black Lions and Cave Lions.

Apex Predators: This category is really a small one and comprised of Brown Bear and Sabertooth. In order to tame these animals you should have tamed 5 animals and then you need 2 Skill Points to unlock this category.

Cunning Beasts: This category has really dangerous and smartest animals in the game and comprised of Badgers and Cave Bears. To unlock this category you need 3 Skill Points and you should have tamed 8 animals.

Taming these above animals is very simple, you need a “Bait” which you can create using Meat. If you do not have meat just hunt a goat and gather meat, its pretty easy. When you have your bait ready, go to the place where the animals is that you want to tame, open your map and there animal icons indicating the place of that animal. When you are near the location of that animal just activate “Hunter Mode” and trace the scent that animal to spot. Do not spook the animal you want to tame or you will end up fighting and killing it, so it’s better for you to crouch near that animal.

Once you have spotted the animal, throw the bait you had made and wait for the animal to eat it. When the beat is eating the meat sneak up on him from behind and press the button as prompted on your screen to tame. And that’s it You have tamed your first beast.

Ff you still find it difficult to tame a beast just watch this quick video on Far Cry Primal How to Tame Animals, this video is made by PS4Trophies, we thank him for such an awesome video guide, I hope you guys will enjoy it!