Layers of Fear Walkthrough

Layers of Fear Walkthrough

Layers of Fear Walkthrough

Layers of Fear is an indie atmospheric horror video game that received amazing review and praise from gaming community. In this game you play as a painter who tries to finish his masterpiece. Layers of Fear provides amazing graphics full or artistic environments and constantly changing mansion that is full or horror and tense atmosphere.

In Layers of Fear you have to explore the ever changing mansion to find the story and know how to complete the painting. Some text on the walls of mansion will try to convey the story but there are blanks to it and you have to fill those blanks for yourself. The mansion is really creepy and you have to be careful as there are secrets and horrors before every door you open. The game is so good in landing these moments that you will definitely be scared after playing this game.

The whole mansion is changing by itself, the paintings on the walls, the doors everything. There are some puzzles too  in the game but they can easily be solved by scanning and exploring your environment and won’t take too much time. Later in the game you will find out that the only monster in the mansion is you! and you have lots of secrets.

This Layers of Fear Walkthrough is made for those who finds this game difficult or wants to complete each and every puzzle and mystery in the game. The walkthrough is made by MrKravin, we thank him for making such an awesome video walkthrough of the game and I know you guys will definitely enjoy this!

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