Battlefield 1 Review – World War I Stories

  • 8.5/10
    Battlefield 1 Review - World War I Stories - 8.5/10

Battlefield 1 Review

Battlefield 1 is a rich and outstanding package with solid new offerings. The single player stories are somewhat short but looks fun, emotional and exciting. Aside from some bugs and glitches, the multiplayer experience is fantastic with solid progression and visually stunning maps. Battlefield 1 really tells the story.

Battlefield 1 Review

Battlefield 1 Review

Today FunkyVideoGames presents a review of the latest battlefield game, Battlefield 1. At our review table we provide you some straight up first impressions, some insights of gameplay, graphics and other similar things for newly released video game.

In Battlefield 1 Review, we will be looking deep into the game provide you some info and details about the graphics, gameplay and our first experience with the game itself. Battlefield 1 is the 1st main video game since Battlefield 4 which was released back in 2013. It is also the first World War I game for EA since 1994’s Wings of Glory.

Battlefield 1 Review:

Battlefield 1 definitely has its fair share of hype but it is also had some issues. We all very much remember the rocky launch of Battlefield 4, I was excited for Battlefield 1 but I didn’t go in with massive expectations. And I genuinely came out enjoying this game. Battlefield 1 is definitely a good game.

Battlefield 1 Review – Single Player Campaign:

First we will talk about the single player campaign because single player campaign for these type of games often left behind. But thankfully after playing the campaign I can say that I’m pretty surprised by the single player campaign. The campaign mode in Battlefield 1 is shockingly solid.

It’s not really ‘amazing” by any means, I’m not going to lie here, but it’s still just a solid offering and fun to play through. The way this campaign mode is setup is that there are 6 different was stories to play through. These are completely separate events telling small stories across the war from different sides.

Battlefield 1 Review - Single Player Campaign

Battlefield 1 Review – Single Player Campaign – Short Stories:

Most of these war stories average around 4 chapters to play through and has book edits with cutscenes and various story moments. And genuinely these stories are very well put together while one or two may seem a little weak to some people.

What you have here is really cool small short stories, it’s like a big anthology on World War I. And I think DICE did a pretty good job trying to convey all different side and perspectives of the War and you’ll get a bit of everything. You’ll get to play an Italian heavy machine gunner who has to save his brother. A daring dashing pilot who lied his way into the force, a general foot soldier, basically living out hell itself. A tank gunner and all other different perspectives that’ll make it feel refreshing to play through.

As I said earlier, it’s not perfect and when you break it down at the end of the day, it’s kind a glorified tutorial. But the presentation, the way these short stories are presented and the overall production quality just make it feel fun to play through.

It is very short, you can finish the campaign in feJw hours. But I have to say that I do really like it. The campaign is kind of adventurous and fun to play through but it also keeps the terribleness of war. They really did a good job with this but it’s a shame that people will be able to blow through it in a few hours. The way I look at all this is that I mostly play multiplayer so to have a single player bonus this decent is definitely good.

Battlefield 1 Review – Visuals and Graphics:

Before I jump into multiplayer, I do really want to mention the visuals because they are pretty fantastic.On consoles the game looks pretty awesome. There are some really nice effects, the lighting is great and very much stylized too. This really sets the mood and tone, actually nailing the looks of the maps levels in the game.

Battlefield 1 Review - Visuals and Graphics

The destructibility in the game is really cool, something most of us enjoy in these type of games. You can just blow up almost anything such as shoot a shotgun through a wooden walls or run over a building with a tank. There are stuff that you can’t blow but almost anything you can think is destructible in the game.

Battlefield 1 Review – Multiplayer:

In terms of multiplayer, it’s really difficult to review battlefield multiplayer because it’s really how it stacks up in a few weeks or may be months. But for the most important things like servers, yes they are running fine, and do I think the multiplayer is any good or fun? Yes! I think it definitely is.

The multiplayer here is very much Battlefield, it surprisingly doesn’t feel too much different from your standard Battlefield. I’m also a little bit disappointed because there is still a reliance on automatic weapons in a war where there wasn’t that many. but of course, EA and DICE had to make some concessions to really make it fun and fast paced.

Battlefield 1 Review - Multiplayer

I do like that single shot weapons and bolt action rifles. These weapons do feel effective here and when you use them they are really satisfying. And you can play through using them, you do feel like you are at disadvantage for using a bolt action or any sort of semi-automatic. You still feel confident and you can still hold your own and i like that a lot.

Battlefield 1 Review – Multiplayer – Operations:

The fresh new multiplayer offering that I enjoyed the most is definitely Operations. Operation is a mode to find a match based on what type pf war front you want to fight on and what specific battle within them. Matchmaking is basically like you pick spot on the map and choose which front and battle you want to go through.

The maps here are pretty much conquest maps, they are large and you get 40-60 players which always feel chaotic but to me I like them a lot. These map are somewhat educational, they way the map starts and  gives you a breakdown whose fighting this war, why they’re fighting, whose pitted up against who and what ultimately happens.

It just gives you a little more context that I like and since it doesn’t get in your way, you can enjoy this kind of stuff. Operations are also pretty fun because the losing side gets the last ditch effort like a Zeppelin or a War Train that can change the tide of the battle. It is worth noting that you can take down these Zeppelins or Warships and crash them into the battlefield and change the actual level design of the map.

Battlefield 1 Review – Pigeon Mode:

And as always there’s conquests, which to me feels good as ever. There’s rush team death match, domination, and even War Pigeon Mode. I like the Pigeon Mode its fun and cool. In this mode you capture flags with a bird, it’s a nice diversion.

Battlefield 1 Review – Maps:

I know that Battlefield is nothing without its maps, my personal favorite was the Argonne Forest. Not because this map is amazing, I like just like Battlefield maps which are wide open with areas of big open fields and some residential towns and buildings. These kind of maps have a good balance.

Not only that but all the maps here look amazing. There’s smoke effects, lighting effects, there’s fog, flames and dirt. Basically, there’s a lot going on in these maps visually and may be it’s just World War I thing. Everything looks terrible but also beautiful and it’s cool.

Battlefield 1 Review – Progression:

Progression in Battlefield 1 is good, it’s basically what you expect from a Battlefield this time around. You earn war bonds to unlock different weapons and different things for those weapons. Unfortunately, the way the menu work, it’s kind of limited. When you’re waiting for match the only thing you can really do is choose which medals you want to equip which gives you certain objectives to progress through.

Battlefield 1 Review - Progression

And then of course, there are loot unboxings that you can earn and buy boxes with real money and unbox them to get certain weapons and other stuff like that. This is pretty much similar to every game nowadays and this may rub some people the wrong way.

Menus are sometime little tricky to navigate but  thankfully, in terms of actual matchmaking, there’s still the ability to narrow it down to choose your own server that I really really appreciate. Especially the fact that it’s on consoles, that’s a nice touch.

Battlefield 1 Review – Vehicles and Planes:

There are tons of vehicles and tanks and they all feel different. It is worth noting that planes handle very well in aerial combat. These are incredibly fun this time. They did change the way planes handle quite a bit. This time it feels like there’s less control behind it but still make it much more fun. The dog fighting in the air is probably my favorite parts of this game.

Battlefield 1 Review - Vehicles and Planes

Battlefield 1 Review – Bugs:

I do have to acknowledge, this game has bugs and glitches. I’d say it’s the biggest con of Battlefield 1, well for some people it’ll be. I was playing a match and I saw a player flying in the air or my horse got stuck in the wall.

I hate to say but that’s typical Battlefield stuff. We’ve been seeing these type of bugs and glitches since Battlefield 3 and it’s just chaos sometimes. However, you may ask that is there anything game breaking like previous games such as Battlefield 4? Anything that messy as in Battlefield 4? N0, I didn’t find anything like that so far. But if you are a type of person that is going to turned off  by that, it is very apparent here and it will going to bother you.

Battlefield 1 Review – Should You Buy?

But ultimately, Battlefield 1 is a solid game because it does have enough new things that the game feels really fresh and exciting. And this game really feels and plays like a Battlefield game that you want.

The single player stuff, I think it’s very solid. It might underwhelm some people, but for me, seeing all this historical  and Lawrence of Arabia stuff feels amazing. If you are a fan of any Battlefield game, or may be if you haven’t played one in awhile, you should check this game out. It feels different and exciting enough that it possibly rob you back in again.

So guys that’s Battlefield 1 Review for you where we provide some pros, cons, some straight up first impressions with my personal opinion thrown in there. Now I want to hear what you think about Battlefield 1 in the comments below.

If you jumped in early and paid a ridiculous amount of money to get EA Access and get the pre-order big edition, do you think it was worth it? Are you enjoying this game as much as I am? Are you a hardcore battlefield player, what is your perspective? Let’s talk about all this down in the comments.