ABZU Game Walkthrough

ABZU Game Walkthrough

ABZU Game Walkthrough

ABZU is an adventure underwater simulation video game from Giant Squid Studios. In ABZU, you will explore beautiful ocean environments with fluid controls for swimming. The name of this game is a references to a concept from oldest mythologies – it’s the combination of 2 ancient words AB, which means ocean and ZÃ which means to know. ABZA is an ocean of wisdom.

Because of the game’s beautifully rendered environments, fluid controls and reference to ancient mythologies ABZU is one of the Top 10 Games of the August. Immerse yourself in the ocean world full of life, colors and mystery. As a Diver you can perform various acrobatics using amazing swimming controls. Players can discover enormous amount of unique species which are based on real creatures and they can also form a very powerful connection with the sea life. ABZU Game is available on PC and PlayStation 4.

ABZU Game Walkthrough:

In ABZU Game Walkthrough, we will present you a complete game with different gameplay tips to discover unique species and mysteries of the underwater world in ABZU. The following ABZU Game Walkthrough video series is created by MKIceAndFire, I hope you guys will enjoy it!

ABZU Game Walkthrough – Part 1:

ABZU Game Walkthrough – Part 2:

ABZU Game; Walkthrough – Part 3:

ABZU Game: Walkthrough – Part 4:

You can also watch the complete ABZU walkthrough in just one video below.

ABZU Game: Walkthrough – Complete Game: