Dungeon Rushers Walkthrough

Dungeon Rushers Walkthrough

Dungeon Rushers Walkthrough

Dungeon Rushers is an indie strategy and role playing Dungeon crawler video game from Goblinz Studio. The game beautifully combines the gameplay of Dungeon crawler with turn based combat mechanics. In the game you will be managing your team, crushing enemies and monsters. The game also features crafting powerful and mighty weapons/equipment and looting dangerous dungeons.

In Dungeon Rushers you can also build your own dungeons and hide various treasures and monsters/enemies in galleries. You can then share these dungeons with friends to challenge your buddies to clean these dungeons.

The game offer other great features such as upgrading skills of your heroes to make them more fearsome. You have to and place your heroes strategically on the battle ground to achieve victory other wise you will be losing great warriors.

Dungeon Rushers Walkthrough:

In Dungeon Rushers Walkthrough we will present you with a complete game with beginning to the ending moments including some strategy and gameplay tips for this turn based role playing game. The following walkthrough videos are created by Negark, I hope you guys will enjoy it!

Dungeon Rushers Walkthrough –  Part 1 – Novice Adventure:

Dungeon Rushers Walkthrough –  Part 2 – TPK:

Dungeon Rushers Walkthrough –  Part 3 – The Manor:

Dungeon Rushers Walkthrough –  Part 4 – Torch Lighters:

Dungeon Rushers Walkthrough –  Part 5 – Vampires!:

Dungeon Rushers Walkthrough –  Part 6 – The Skeletons Manor:

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