10 Most Underrated Stealth Video Games

10 Most Underrated Stealth Video Games

10 Most Underrated Stealth Video Games

Mainstream games have taken on the reputation for being proud, loud, action-adventures and straight out of Hollywood, but that’s not the whole picture. Stealth genre fans love to move in shadows, killing enemies without alarming them, creating distractions and approaching targets from behind. The early stealth games like Metal Gear Solid 2, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin and Splinter Cell really set the base for the genre. We loved the experimental A.I. from Hitman & Metal Gear Solid and the seriousness of Sam Fisher.

There are stealth games before the above three but these above games were the perfect ones. After that in time whenever you find stealth elements in a game you can easily trace them back to these above games. And after the release of great open world, third person shooter and action adventure titles, the stealth genre become underrepresented.

Or may be not? Here are the best titles that deserve to be played, even though these stealth games did not get enough praise in the year of their release, these game were right there before your eyes the entire time;

10. Hitman 2016

10 Most Underrated Stealth Video Games - Hitman 2016

You may be thinking that this guy is crazy, saying Hitman is an underrated game. But you have to think about the other aspects of the reception that this game received. IO Interactive made Hitman an episodic game with one map each month model, it might do good to the Hitman but is hampered by the future self of the game that how good will be the full game.

For a moment just forget about the price, you have a gameplay full of experimenting with game’s A.I. and NPCs in given level, you do not have a linear elements in a story like Hitman: Absolution,  Hitman turned the Assassination into Art. What we have lost in this game is the ability to use human as shield or killing group of targets at once.

Now you play as a contract killer, moving like chameleon, changing disguises to have access anywhere from kitchen to high security outpost. You are free to experiment with your assassination strategies, leave gas valve open for explosions or drop one target onto other to kill both of them. And with other challenges and mission replayability, IO Interactive might have fell short in providing a full game but they have exceeded the expectations of fans about what they adore about the series and the Hitman game.