NBA 2K17 Orange Juice Dual Player Controls

NBA 2K17 Orange Juice Dual Player Controls

NBA 2K17 Orange Juice Dual Player Controls

In NBA 2K17 there is an Orange Juice Dual Player Controls which allow players to control two characters, Justice Young and your own player. As the game progress and your relationship with Justice Young develops you will get access to more options in MyCareer.

In NBA 2K17 Orange Juice Dual Player Controls, we will show you how you can activate this new feature in NBA 2K17. And we’ll also tell you what this Orange Juice Dual Player Controls has to offer. Well, you can either play alone and go after your own dreams or you can work together with Justice young.

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NBA 2K17 Orange Juice Dual Player Controls:

At the beginning, you will not be able to control Justice Young directly and you have to give him different directions. There are specific controls to do this, read our NBA 2K17 Controls List guide for more info on controls. When you both play well in the court, you will unlock the Dual Player Controls feature. But this option is not available from the start, you have to work together and really deliver in your games.

You’ve to play well for minimum of 5 times like your player scores and Justice get the assist or you get the assist and justice scores. Whenever this happens, you can see a white circle under both your player and Justice Young. After that a window will pop up and notify you that Orange Juice Dual Player Controls has been unlocked.

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Orange Juice Dual Player Controls in NBA 2K17

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To really make a good use of this feature, you can yell at Justice Young and force him to perform certain actions. Below are the commands and control configuration that you can use for both characters:

Commands Buttons
When you’re off the ball 
Attack basket D-pad up
Isolate D-pad right
Swap to other player D-pad down
Protect ball D-pad left
When you’re the ball handler
Alley-oop D-pad up
Pass and shoot D-pad right
Swap to other player D-pad down
Pass and hold D-pad left

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Remember to be best friends with Justice Young, you will slowly get more control on him in your games. This feature is introduced first time in the NBA 2K17. Previously, you can only control a single player or the teams. Time will tell how this feature pans out in the long run. If  you do not like this for some reason, you can easily ignore the Dual Player Controls and just play and enjoy your games.