Far Cry Primal Rare Feathers

Far Cry Primal Rare Feathers

Far Cry Primal Rare Feathers

Due to survival nature of Far Cry Primal, you may feel that you are running out of arrows very quickly. You may not want to travel back to your camp every time you run out of arrows or you may not want to look for branches to craft new arrows. In Far Cry Primal Rare Feathers guide we will reveal an easiest way for you to find rare feathers, so that you can easily take down outposts in Oros.

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There are two ways for you to get Rare Feathers in Far Cry Primal, First you can complete “The Peak of Oros” quest for Wogah and second you can kill eagles and obtain these rare feathers. But killing Eagles in this game is bit tricky and require timing and aim precision.

Completing the quest is pretty easy and you can easily upgrade your quiver with this Wogah quest. To unlock this quest you need to upgrade Wogah’s hut twice. For this you should be way in the game to actually have that option to upgrade Wogah’s hut.

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After you upgraded the hut you need to go to the Wenja village which is in the north just follow the lake there until you find the end and there you will see the quest marker. Now you need to use your Grappling hook to reach the peak of this mountain, when you are there just collect the rare feathers from all three eagles’ nests.

Completing this quest will allow you to have upgraded quiver and now you can easily find rare feathers in other birds’ nests too in the Oros. If you have difficulties finding this quest or rare feathers you can watch this quick video. We thank FP Good Game for making such an awesome video tutorial, I hope you guys will love it!