Fallout 4 Far Harbor Marine Armor Set

Fallout 4 Far Harbor Marine Armor Set

The new DLC Fallout 4 Far Harbor has got many unique Armor Sets for us and Marine Armor Set is one of them. The Marine Armor Set comes with good stats and has three version including a legendary version of the armor set. All the three Marine Armor Sets has different stats ad buffs.

In Fallout 4 Far Harbor Marine Armor Set guide we will help you find all three version of the Marine Armor Set in Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC. The 1st version is pretty basic, it’s called Zealot’s Marine Armor. The 2nd version has average stats and is called Inquisitor Marine Armor and Assault Marine Armor. And the last one is a legendary version which is called Recon Marine Armor. You can find the details about all three Marine Armor Sets below;

Zealot’s Marine Armor

It’s a standard or basic version of Marine Armor Set which you can get pretty easily. When you get to the Far Harbor island and start doing main story mission and quests, you will be sent to the ‘Neucleus’ a Children of Atom base. When you join this Children of Atom, then you will be able to interact with different vendors and merchants in the base. Here you can also find Marine Wetsuit and Tactical Helmet.

You can talk to Kane who is an armor vendor and sells different pieces of armor. You can get complete armor from him but without helmet. The above Marine Wetsuit can be used as undergarment for your Zealot’s Marine Armor set and because you do not get helmet piece with the Zealot’s Marine Armor you can wear the Tactical Helmet until you find a good replacement/actual helmet piece.

Assault Marine Armor

If you want complete Marine Armor set for free along with Marine Tactical helmet and Marine Wetsuitthen you’ll have to progress further into the story of Fallout 4 Far harbor DLC. You have to complete the part where you do a VR memory hacking of DiMA. After completing all the five puzzles, then you will get a Misc. quest that requires you to discover the Marine Combat Armor Shipments. If you select this then it’ll show you the location of these shipments on your map.

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Make sure you have anti-rad equipment or you can use the power armor. Or if you have completed the Far Harbor faction questlines, you should’ve the diving suit which is perfect for this quest. Inquisitor and Assault Marine Armor are just mod upgrades to Zealot Marine Armor. These armor sets have higher damage, radiation and energy resistance, these are expensive mods but you can manage.

Recon Marine Armor

Recon Marine Armor is a legendary version of this Marine Armor Set. You can purchase this legendary Recon Marine Armor from different vendors in this DLC. Below is the list of vendors from whom you will get different pieces of Recon Marine Armor;

  • Brooks in the Far Harbor sells Helmet of Recon Marine Armor with +1 Agility and Perception’.
  • In Acadia, speak with Cog to purchase Chest Piece of Recon Marine Armor, it has 15% damage resistance wihle not moving and standing.
  • Right Arm piece of Recon Marine is sold by Mia in the Nucleus (Children of Atom). This piece has 10% movement speed.
  • Left Arm piece of Recon Marine Armor can be bought from Kane in the Nucleus (Children of Atom). This piece slows time temporarily during your combat when you’re at 20% or less health.

If you know the location of other pieces of this legendary Marine Armor please feel free to comment.