Event [0] Game Walkthrough

Event 0 Game Walkthrough

Event [0] Game Walkthrough

Event [0] is an award winning adventure-mystery and narrative exploration video game. In the game players must build a good relationship with the lonely spaceship AI (computer) in order to go back home on Earth. Event[0] is set in a retro-future and the game is inspired by science fiction classic movie such as 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Event [0] is about building a personal relationship with the only companion you got on a lonely spaceship, an insecure Artificial Intelligence. This AI entity is able to procedurally generate more than two million dialogues. The AI entity is called Kaizen and you can interact with it by typing different messages on the terminals throughout the spaceship.

One thing that players have to remember while playing the game is that the reality of their situation will emerge organically. This means that the reality of players depend on how they communicate with Kaizen and how they’ll explore the mysterious spaceship.

Event [0] Game Walkthrough:

In Event [0] Game Walkthrough we will present you a complete Event[0] Game with beginning to the ending moments with some gameplay tips for this mystery adventure game. The following walkthrough videos are created by Nokzen, I hope you guys will enjoy it.

Event 0 Game Walkthrough – Part 1:

Event 0 Game Walkthrough – Part 2:

Event 0 Game Walkthrough – Part 3:

Event 0 Game Walkthrough – Part 4 – Ending: