Pokemon Go Cheats

Pokemon Go Cheats

Pokemon Go Cheats

Pokemon Go is the latest adventure Pokemon video game that merges augmented reality with the real world from the developer Niantic, Inc. The hype for Pokemon is real and the game is praised around the world for its unique features.

At the launch of Pokemon Go, it has 150+ Pokemon for you to find and catch. The game has a good system for you to collect other valuable items such as potions, Poke Balls, Eggs, Master Balls, Ultra Balls and other useful things. As a gamer we always try to find cheats, loopholes and other workarounds to get valuable items without investing any time to speed things up. That’s where this guide comes in.

In Pokemon Go Cheats, we will provide you different cheats and codes to unlock and get different useful and valuable items in Pokemon Go. Read this guide to know every cheat to progress in the game without investing too much time.

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Pokemon Go Cheats – How To Get Pikachu as A Starter:

Pokemon Go presents trainer with an important decision to make when they start the game. Which Starter Pokemon to Choose? Pokemon Go originally presents players with a classic starting trio Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander. But the game also includes a secret Easter Egg, allowing players to catch Pikachu as a starter Pokemon.

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Pikachu will not simply appear for capturing. When you start your game the initial three Pokemon will appear on the screen ready to be engaged and caught. Rather than tapping on them however, continue walking away from them until they disappear from the map and then reappear around the player.

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Pokemon Go’s GPS is not the nicest one so you may have to walk a little bit to cover some distance. When you ignore these 3 starter Pokemon 4 times, they will reappear 4th time but this time accompanied by Pikachu. He can be caught just like any other Pokemon.

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He may not be the easy one to catch, but when you catch him he will be yours forever. Watch this short video created by IGN for more details. I hope you guys will enjoy it.

We will update this guide with more cheats, so stay tuned!