Darkest Dungeon Review

Darkest Dungeon Review

Darkest Dungeon Review

Darkest Dungeon is a rogue-like role playing fantasy game with elements of turn based combat system and psychological stress in your players after completing various dungeons, quests and adventures. Darkest Dungeon Review is all about what makes Darkest Dungeon stands out from the other similar games in the genre. Darkest Dungeon is about managing your heroes, how they will react to each adventure and how these adventure will affect them. On each and every dungeon out there for you heroes, it has always stored something new such as stress, disease, famine and other horrors.

In Darkest Dungeon you will be sending tens or hundreds of heroes to their ultimate demise in five different dungeons in the game. While your hero gain experience from all his combats and other adventures, he will also prone to get psychological stress, and he will get it! And if the stress level goes to high, this stress will be the cause of negative traits in your heroes. You can control this and reduce stress in your heroes by performing various activities in town or going to sanitarium but that’s not cost and time effective. The reason is simple, Heroes are free in the game. And ultimately you will draw a conclusion in the game to just throw the bad ones out and recruit and train new heroes.

Darkest Dungeon ReviewYou have access to plenty of heroes with different classes, abilities and skills in Darkest Dungeon. You will be needing a 4-heroes team to send in dungeons. And finding the right team with best skills and abilities will be hard but not impossible. You have to work on trail and error system to come up with the ultimate Invincible team. You can call your heroes home from a quest by abandoning the quest which may not be easy at first but definitely in the long run. Every hero that will return from a quest will be more tough, flexible and would have higher rank than before. But when a hero dies during his quest, he will be gone for ever and you have to fill the vacant spot with new one.

The voice that guide you through the game and explains the story really feels great. This voice is of your ancestor’s who had toyed with the dark forces and put the family name in darkness and now guide you to restore it. You will find many secrets and dark corridors in the game as you progress which are truly amazing by the way!

Darkest Dungeon is not only a rogue-like rpg game but also has strategy elements. Boss missions in Darkest Dungeon are the ones that really push you to the edge and most of the time you have to change your strategy just to defeat that tough monstrous boss. Each boss has 3 difficulty levels, each with little more to offer. But at the end you will feel that this is just lengthening the game and has nothing to do with the story. As the name suggest, Darkest Dungeon, you will be fighting against the most powerful enemies in that quest.

Darkest Dungeon ReviewWhen a hero reach a certain high rank he will refuse to go on a low level missions and quests. For this you have to recruit and even more heroes, this tells us that you do not have an easy path to level up your heroes which is a good thing because we like challenges. Another thing that will create problems is “Money”. Money management is as important as managing your heroes. For example, you need torches for your quest so that your heroes don’t get ambushed and fall for traps which definitely cause stress and believe me you really don’t want a stressful hero. Each quest is full of dangers, some are visible and other are hidden you have to be ready for each challenge. You will be drawing new strategies and finding new surprises throughout the game.

Darkest Dungeon is really an amazing rogue-like game to play, if you enjoys a challenging game with rpg, strategy, roguelike and turn-based combat element, you will definitely love Darkest Dungeon. It’s dark, full of horror and misfortune. Each and every quest and dungeon will call you back for more fun, adventure, horror and punishment, and once you play this game, you will be playing it like hell!