Batman TellTale Games Series Coming

Batman TellTale Games Series

Batman TellTale Games Series Coming

Telltale Games that brings you The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and other story telling and decision based games now have another great game for you . A game that is based on a character form DC Comics’ universe, “Batman”.

Batman TellTale Games Series is coming this summer and Telltale has revealed some details for the game series. This game will not be linked and based to any other Batman games or media such as movies and the series is set in the modern Gotham.

The game will let you control Batman during night and Bruce Wayne by day. Your decisions in both characters will effect the overall story and shape the Gotham and these decisions will also affect your other character as well. Which means decisions made by Batman during his night time gameplay will directly affect Bruce Wayne and vice versa.

The other characters from the Batman family such as Nightwing and Robin are not included in the series but you can expect other characters like Vicki Vale, James Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth, and Renee Montoy. However, the bad guys (villains) are not revealed and kept secret until the premiere.

The graphics for the Batman TellTale Games Series would look like a comic-book art style with non-photorealistic interpretations, technology and enhanced engine that deliver a seamless experience. All the effects, visuals and graphics are created by taking inspiration from 75 years of work of artists such as Greg Capullo, Jim Lee and Neal Adams.

Batman TellTale Games Series will have a mature rating 17+ to be exact, you can compare it to a R-rated movie. Get ready to shape Gotham, this time you will not only play as batman but also as Bruce Wayne and decisions and choices took by either characters will affect your story and path in the game.