The Turing Test Walkthrough

The Turing Test Walkthrough

The Turing Test Walkthrough

The Turing Test is an space-adventure and puzzle video game from the Bulkhead Interactive. This challenging puzzle game is set on the Jupiter’s Moon, Europa. You will play as Ava Turing who is an engineer for the ISA (International Space Agency) sent to the Jupiter’s Moon to find the cause behind disappearance of the crew at the Europa.

Upon your arrival you are presented with various puzzles – tests if you may call them that can only be solved by the human. These tests are set by the missing crew and now you have to discover why these puzzles are created and why the crew is hiding?

The Turing Test has a pretty great evolving story that is based on the mankind’s instinctual need to survive, protect and explore the world. You will delve deeper into the ice crusted-core of Europa and find out that the lines between machine and man begin to blur. You have an EMT (Energy Manipulation Tool) to solve different puzzles to open your way forward to learn the secrets of missing crew.

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The Turing Test Walkthrough:

In The Turing Test Walkthrough we will show you the complete game with beginning to the ending moments including some gameplay tips for this first person space adventure game. The following walkthrough videos is created by Maka91Productions, I hope you guys will enjoy it!

The Turing Test Walkthrough Complete Game:

The above video include all the puzzle solutions and achievements for this puzzle adventure video game The Turing Test.