Titanfall 2 Game Review

Titanfall 2 Game Review
  • 8.5/10
    Titanfall 2 Review - 8.5/10

Titanfall 2 Review

Titanfall 2 is a pretty exciting and awesome experience, it takes into consider all the things that the first game lacks and improve upon those things. The multiplayer is well balanced and overall has a good progression system. If you liked the first game you will definitely going to enjoy this one as well.

Titanfall 2 Game Review

Titanfall 2 Game Review

Titanfall 2 is an action first person shooter video game from Respawn Entertainment. It’s the sequel to the original Titanfall game released in 2014. Today FunkyVideoGames brings you the Titanfall 2 Game Review. You know the deal with our review articles, In game reviews we provide you straight up first impressions, gameplay and other useful insights for the latest game releases.

In Titanfall 2 Game Review, we will provide you some insights for the game’s first impressions, graphics and gameplay experience. So without any delays let’s get started.

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Titanfall 2 Game Review:

First thing first, I have to acknowledge the fact that I’m a huge fan of the original Titanfall game. It wasn’t perfect and it wasn’t the full package but the original Titanfall game has so much potential. I’m happy to say that Titanfall 2 mostly reaches all of that potential.

Titanfall 2 Game Review – Single Player Campaign:

First thing they included that original lack the most is a single player campaign. I’m really happy to say that the single player campaign mode is really good. Plying through the campaign is really fun. You play as a Titan pilot, Jack Cooper fighting a space war. But there’s a bit more going on in the story.

It’s a nice play through that have some weird things that I really do not want to spoil. I’d never thought that I’d say that for a Titanfall game. But I would say one thing that it has some moments that takes the story bit too far and I really don’t care about those moments.

Titanfall 2 Game Review - Single Player Campaign

Playing through the campaign, teaming up with the Titan and going on different adventures is really an awesome thing. The campaign is well paced and excited, it has some abstract stuff and platforming which actually is annoying. I think it is solid and worth playing through and optional difficulty modes actually makes it different.

There are total 9 chapter within the game here and it will averagely take time like a Call of Duty campaign (6+ hours). I know it’s not that long to warrant a purchase for the game but thankfully it has a Multiplayer.

Titanfall 2 Game Review – Multiplayer:

Multiplayer in Titanfall 2 is good, I’m really excited that they didn’t ruin it. They manage to give Titanfall 2 everything that original Titanfall really lacked. And they didn’t really mess with the balancing too much, it is really there where it matters. I have some complains, but I’ll get to those later.

Titanfall 2 Game Review - Multiplayer

First thing first, Titanfall 2 feels way more class based, there’s 60 to choose from and they all feel noticeably different. The loadouts have way more customization options for pilots and Titans. I’m really enjoying the class based system for Titans because each class caters to different playstyle.

Titanfall 2 Game Review – Progression Systems:

And all the progression systems like for weapons, pilots and Titans all feel deep enough to keep you busy for a bit. One of the biggest complains of the original Titanfall was the lack of content. And they do give you more maps and modes here in this game. But the time will tell how these maps and modes will grow on you.

Titanfall 2 Game Review - Progression Systems

In terms of actually playing, Titanfall 2 controls well and feels really good. It’s incredibly fast paced. The shooting, movement and all other things really feels responsive and satisfying. And ultimately that’s why people really gravitate to this game. And once again it holds up and plays very well that’s the best part about this game.

Titanfall 2 Game Review – Match Progression:

The progression of matches feels even more fast paced. Titans are definitely more vulnerable but there’s an addition of getting a Titan’s shield batteries and stealing them from other Titans feels awesome. And all this added extra layer of depth even team work.

One thing that I don’t like may it’s just me that the time to kill feels little short, you die extremely fast and often. This isn’t new to Titanfall but I can’t help but feel that Live Die Repeat cycle is more like a Call of Duty this time. I know I should not say that but it’s worth acknowledging difference and feel of Titanfall. It’s not a killer for me but it can definitely bother some people.

Titanfall 2 Game Review – Burn Cards and Perks:

It is also worth noting that the burn card system is replaced by the more traditional perks. I liked the burn cards system and I’m really going to miss it. But it does make sense for balancing here. They activate slower and faster based on how well you do like Titan Core ability. And you will get more powerful charged weapons, ability to put down turrets and stuff like that.

Titanfall 2 Game Review - Burn Cards and Perks

This where, they also included the ability to temporarily gain the smart pistol. Yes the much hated and loved Smart Pistol is back. So guys that’s Titanfall 2, clearly I really like it. It’s not perfect but it’s a massive improvement on the first game in most ways not all. I really hope this game will not end up as a sandwich between Battlefield and Call of Duty because it’s really a good game.

But you know how these reviews are I give you some straight up first impressions and gameplay for the latest game with my personal opinion. Now I want to know what you guys think about Titanfall 2.

Let me know what you think about the Titanfall 2. If you are a hardcore player, I want to know if you feel the same as me about the changes they made to time to kill? I also want to know if you are enjoying the new ways to use Titans and what your favorite class is? Let me know in the comments below.