Thermaltake Core X5 and Core X5 Riing Edition Chassis

Thermaltake Core X5 and Core X5 Riing Edition Chassis

Thermaltake Core X5 and Core X5 Riing Edition Chassis

On 25th January, 2016 Thermaltake introduces its new chassis edition Thermaltake Core X5 and Core X5 Riing Edition Chassis with liquid cooling system. These amazing chassis are expandable, has great ventilation system, interchangeable window and also got chamber system. Thermaltake Core X5 and Core X5 Riing Edition Chassis perform really well and deliver extraordinary cooling performance with overclocked components. You will definitely have an outstanding and powerful system with these ultimate gaming weapons. Both chassis comes with “Tt LCS Certified” stamp which means these are tested by serious and hardcore enthusiasts.

Thermaltake Core X5 Chassis:

Thermaltake Core X5 allow you to have modular upgrades with expandable system. You can easily stack new chassis and expand the cooling system easily. There are no limits on how you can expand your machine, these are storage solutions, dual systems or any other modification.Thermaltake Core X5 Chassis

This Thermaltake Core X5 is built for serious gamers who want high end gaming systems. Thermaltake Core X5 allows gamers to install 7 storage devices, you can add dual Graphics Cards with 480mm length and a CPU cooler up to length of 230mm. With all these amazing hardware components you still get a neat and clean cable management. In addition to above, you can set up 2 radiator of 360mm on top to have amazing colling performance.

Thermaltake Core X5 allows you to have any kind of liquid or air cooling system or units you want to install. There are plenty of mounting points to mount fans for unparalleled cooling. in Thermaltake Core X5 you will get 2x 120mm fans pre-installed on the frontThermaltake Core X5-Chassis and rear. On top of the chassis you have a choice to install fan with 120mm or 140mm or even 200mm, there’s also a bracket on side panel to adjust a 120mm fan.

Thermaltake Core X5 have two separate chambers, upper chamber for cooling and the lower for drive bays and PSU. In the chassis, the 2.5″/3.5″ drive racks can be removed for extra space to install liquid system or advanced cooling systems.

In Thermaltake Core X5 you have flexible solution to your storage needs with “3 +4 +3″ drive bay concept. You can easily interchange 3.5” drive cages to suit your needs.

Not only drive cages but also window and I/O panel is interchangeable for more flexibility and particular needs of gamers.

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Thermaltake Core X5 Riing Edition Chassis:

Thermaltake Core X5 Riing Edition is on top of every gaming chassis out there, with its endless stack options youThermaltake Core X5 Riing Edition Chassis have virtually unlimited space. You can incorporate any external modular upgrade, stack together and link cooling or storage systems or you can even have dual system at the same time with top/bottom setup with dedicated cooling systems.

Similar to Thermaltake Core X5, Thermaltake Core X5 Riing Edition also allows you to have up to 7 storage devices and dual slots for your 480mm length Graphic Cards. In Thermaltake Core X5 Riing Edition you can have 230mm length CPU cooler and PSU with 220mm length and after all this you still have space for neat cable routes and cable management. There’s a spot to install 360mm radiator on top of Thermaltake Core X5 Riing Edition chassis.Thermaltake Core X5 Riing Edition-Chassis

Thermaltake Core X5 Riing Edition has 2x 140mm rear and front green cooling fans pre-installed. There are lot of other mounting spots to entertain more fans. These other fan mounting spots can adjust 200mm, 140mm or 120mm fans with still room for 120mm side panel fans.

If you want to, you can have upper chamber for advanced cooling and lower chamber for PSU and drive bays in Thermaltake Core X5 Riing Edition. There are removable 2.5″ and 3.5″ racks for more flexibility and space options for advanced gamers and enthusiasts.

With “3 + 7″ derive bays concept you have ultimate storage solution in Thermaltake Core X5 Riing Edition chassis. Enthusiasts can easily interchange 3.5” drive cages to suit their needs. And if you want more flexible chassis, Thermaltake Core X5 Riing Edition allows you to customize the interchangeable I/O and window panel design.

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