ReCore Game Walkthrough

ReCore Game Walkthrough

ReCore Game Walkthrough

ReCore is an action-adventure video game from Comcept and Armature Studio who created the Metroid Prime. The game is produced by a legendary creator Keiji Inafune who is known for Mega Man series, Lost Planet and Dead Rising series. ReCore is one of the best games of September, if you want to know more about other amazing games releasing in the month of September, please read Top 10 Best Games of September 2016.

In ReCore you will forge a friendship with different robot companions who has distinct abilities and powers. The planet in the game is a mysterious place and it is controlled by dangerous robotic foes.You will play as ‘Joule’ a female character leading these unique robotic heroes on an epic journey. You have to save mankind from robot enemies.

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To save mankind you will be needing help from your robot companions. They will help you in puzzle solving and combat. There are 6 types of companions with manageable upgrades. And you will have to explore the world for different blueprints which will grant them better attack and defense.

Joule’s weapons and vitality can be leveled up by the players as they progress in the game. Ranged weapons have 4 types of ammunition defined by color. These color ammo can take down enemies with the matching color. Furthermore, you should remember one thing that if Joule’s robot companion matches a color of the enemy, it’ll inflict more damage during the combat.

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ReCore Game Walkthrough:

In ReCore Game Walkthrough we will present you with a complete game with beginning to the ending moments including some gameplay and strategy tips for this action-adventure video game. The following walkthrough videos of ReCore game are created by TetraNinja, I hope you guys will enjoy it!

ReCore Game Walkthrough – Part 1 – First Hour:

ReCore Game Walkthrough – Part 2 – PC Baby!:

ReCore Game Walkthrough – Part 3 – Seth Bot:

ReCore Game Walkthrough – Part 4 – Core Foundry:

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ReCore Game Walkthrough – Part 5 – Bolt Cutter Boss:

ReCore Game Walkthrough – Part 6 – Duncan-Bot:

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