ReCore Game Review

ReCore Game Review

ReCore Game Review

Today FunkyVideoGames brought to you another game review. In our game review posts/articles we talk to you about the gameplay experience, graphics, story and first impressions of latest game releasing. This time in ReCore Game Review we will be discussing ReCore, which is an interesting action-adventure puzzle platformer game exclusive for PC and Xbox One.

Recore is one of those games that flown under the radar and didn’t get exposure like other big AAA Xbox games. ReCore has an Action-arcady feeling with tons of platforming elements. It has a solid gameplay with host of different issues that may turn some people off. But let me get into it, because honestly, it is not as bad as some reviews are making it out to be.

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In ReCore, you’re on a desert planet after most of the humankind is wiped out by a virus on Earth. You play as Joule, a scavenger type girl who, honestly, reminds me a lot of Rey from Star Wars. You wander around the desert collecting robot parts.

The story doesn’t have anything that really is memorable; it’s not awful but not that great either. The gameplay is not open world, it’s more like an over world. It is a big large area separated by loading screens. Basically, you go out, explore, go into the dungeons and collect loot and then ultimately progress through the story. It’s pretty fun the shooting and combat is cool. It takes some getting used to because there is an auto lock on element to it that feels very over the top and arcady.

ReCore Game Review - Combat

But once the game shows its nuance in the combat, the combat gets really fun. Not only you are managing your robot companions to attack and help defend you whenever you want but you are also constantly firing away, dodging attacks and changing your ammo types to adapt to different enemies.

It almost feels like borderlandsy, the way you soot at enemies and number-damage counter fly off of them and they way you can change your ammo types on the fly to just keep taking them down. And what I do really like about the combat is that there is moment to moment choice how you tackle everything.

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You can finish off an enemy and shoot them into oblivion and collect parts to craft new parts for your robots. Or you can click the stick and engage in a mini mode of tug of war thing where you pull the core out of enemies and you use those cores to level up your robot’s skills. I really like this reactive dynamic decision making that you have to do in the combat. And it does make the combat feel pretty damn fun.

What I don’t like about the combat is that the enemy attacks do have a tendency to queue you up basically pin you down and then you can’t get up because you’re constantly getting mauled. Another thing I’d like  isa little bit more dodging because you can only jump and boost slightly left/right. It just doesn’t feel like enough.

But as a whole, its fun combined with the rest of the gameplay which is sort of traversal and environmental puzzle solving. There is a lot of platforming, which I didn’t expect, but it feels pretty decent. You got a double jump and jetpack boost, you can also use your robot companions to help you grapple and get around in different ways.

The game does a great job of consistently throwing different elements at you to add new challenges. I really enjoyed that there are always new things to learn. There are also side quests and side dungeons here and there that you can get more loot from. Overall the game does support exploration in a world that otherwise not really filled with a lot. But I still enjoy wandering around; collecting loot because the feeling of crafting and upgrading your robots feels really great.

ReCore Game Review - Robots

You have to go back to your hideout to upgrade your robot companion, which I really appreciate. I didn’t expect the focus on really upgrading your robots and not necessarily yourself as much. Of course, you’ll also get stronger, and level up but it’s really about using robot companions to your advantage. You can really make your robot pals very powerful.

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You start out with a dog that can, basically, attack and help you by sniffing around treasures. Then later on, you get a spider that can shoot lasers and also help you grapple hook around the environment. And after that, you get an ape like tank character that can cause a ton of damage. These robots are completely upgradeable/swappable with different perks, attack/defense power and cosmetic. You can really make your robots look bad ass they actually prove to be pretty damn useful in combat.

So far so decent, right? I’d say that part of the game is very strong, but there are some definite issues here. The game has a tendency to feel a little bit padded, you do have fast travel in ReCore but traversing long distances, it just screams for more of a traversal mechanic other than just running and boosting. The game is screaming for a desert hoverboard action. Unfortunately, the padding thing is actually there, especially with the end game stuff. It’s kind of locked behind this whole going back and doing completion stuff.

Basically, to get to the end of the game, you have to go back and complete side quest and find things that you didn’t find before. It’d suck less, if it felt little more balanced but honestly, it feels like an annoying grind. And the biggest issues that you may have probably heard about this are the technical issues. Not only the framerate drops at times on Xbox One but there are also tons of technical glitches here like re-spawn points just dumping you off cliffs into enemy territory.

ReCore Game Review - Load Times

The biggest technical issue of all time in ReCore is the load times. The load times in the game are insanely long. Sometime you get a load time up to 2 minutes and it’s incredibly frustrating. Because when you die and restart a section or fast travel to your base, you need to deal with these load times, every single time. And you know why it’s even more frustrating, because ReCore isn’t that complex. I don’t know why it is taking so long to load.

Hopefully, these issues can be smoothed out and of course, the PC version mostly clears up these issues from framrate to load times. But it is worth mentioning that these issues are going to turn some people off.

But overall, at least to me personally, playing the game is fun. It still manages to be charming and it is straight up good clean old fashioned video game fun. I know there are some things that may not sit well with many gamers. And I’m not saying that just go out and buy it. But if you like running, jumping, shooting, looting and crafting you may like this good mid-tier $40 game.

That’s FunkyVideoGames giving you some pros and cons with little bit of personal opinion of ReCore. But I want to know what you guys think of ReCore down in the comments, have you been playing recore? If yes, how d you feel about it? Because people seems pretty divided on this game.

I saw some reviews and then I played this game and it really seems fun to me, maybe I’m crazy. But still, there are some technical issues here, so what you guys think about the game, let us know in the comments below.