Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Story, Character, Factions and Location Details

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Story, Character, Factions and Location Details

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Story, Character, Factions and Location Details

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Story, Character, Factions and Location Details are updated on the MirrorsEdge website recently. The game will take place in the glass city. The updated details cover many areas such as locations, factions, characters and story of the game.

The city is same as you have seen in the previous game, she (Faith) lost her family to November riots and her sister is not around. Faith is positioned to be the cautious hero who will advance against Conglomerate. The game will be released for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on May 24, read all the details about Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Story, Character, Factions and Locations below.

The glass city is ruled by a malevolent Conglomerate which is basically comprised of different powerful corporations, Faith who is a skilled and expert Runner unwillingly drawn into a struggle against the Conglomerate.

DISTRICTS: Glass exhibit close to 5 Million citizens which makes it the 3rd largest city in the Cascadia. Central districts have plenty of entertainment and sights to offer to its prospective visitors.

ANCHOR: Anchor district the most prosperous area in the Glass, its many tall buildings are result of various powerful corporations which are based here. Anchor is manly known for its nightlife as it has plenty of nightclubs and shopping spots for young citizens. Bauble Mall is in construction phase in this district and when finished it will be the deluxe shopping center in the whole Cascadia and will become the symbol of Conglomerate life.

DOWNTOWN: Downtown is located in the center of Glass, and is the proud center of the city. The downtown is filled with fashionable boutiques, dense streets and Elysium Corporations. Downtown is also world’s main medical research personnel. There are some reports of illegal activities in the Downtown involving Runners that roam on the rooftops. All the citizen should not pay any attention to these nuisance as these are being effectively dealt with by the authorities.

THE VIEW: A residential area only for “upwardly mobile” residents, it is considered as the final step before moving to the Sky City. If you want a place away from the tensions of Downtown and Anchor The View is the best place for you. Here in The View you can picnic, visit The Marina, and walk along seaside. You can easily see family visiting The View on free days while their loving children play in surf.

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FACTIONS: The Glass is ruled by ruthless Conglomerate, a cluster of many powerfulMirror’s Edge Catalyst Runner Faction corporations. But Conglomerate is not the only faction here. There are some other groups too, some supporting it, some are working against it and other just in between.

THE RUNNERS: Runners are group of people who are against this Conglomerate, these people live on the rooftops of skyscrapers. They perform various illegal activities such as burglary, courier jobs and other activities for those who are willing to play for their services. Some say that The Corporate Houses are secretly depending on these Runners. KrugerSec is working to neutralize these Runners there’s word on the streets that KrugerSec is not putting all their efforts into this matter.Mirror’s Edge Catalyst THE CONGLOMERATE Faction

THE CONGLOMERATE: Conglomerate is comprised of different powerful corporations, 13 to be exact. These corporations are run by very powerful Corporate Houses and families, and they rule this Cascadia. The struggle is real for power between these corporate houses to increase their reach in the Conglomerate. You can find KrugerSec, a security force in these powerful corporations with skills in research, tech and healthcare.

BLACK NOVEMBER: It’s a movement led by Rebecca Thane after the incident of November Riots and now they follow more violent methods for protest and resistance. They are in constant game of cat and mouse with the KrugerSec. Black November are involved in different activities that incite general public and spread terror in the hearts of authorities. They try their best to avoid any loss of humanMirror’s Edge Catalyst BLACK NOVEMBER Faction life, but lately, Rebecca is pointing out that most of the employs are just pawns of Conglomerate.

FAITH CONNORS: A thrill seeker and self assured young girl, Faith Connors is the best Runner in the Glass City. She has a carefree attitude but one day she will have to face this powerful conglomerate and her troubled past.

As a true runner she got pretty great athletic skills, technique and knowledge of different districts. She can handle security forces of her own because of martial arts and fighting skills. She can easily navigate the city due to her connection to Runner network and on top of that she can use different gadgets that help her open up some opportunities and possibilities.

A TROUBLED PAST: Faith was just 7 years old when her life changed completely in November. After the incidentMirror’s Edge Catalyst GABRIEL KRUGER, citizens tried for a peaceful protest against the corporate but that just turned into full scale riots and clashes which results in the death of Faith’s family. But Faith was saved by Noah and inspired her to be a Runner. Now she only cares for Noah but now events are changing and soon she will have to fight against authorities.

GABRIEL KRUGER: He is the head of KrugerSec, and a man you do not want to mess with. He immensely hate resistance and who live off the grid but he also has feelings of guilt and conflict as he also lost a loved one.