Google’s AlphaGo Needs One Game to Make History

Google's AlphaGo Needs One Game to Make History

Google’s AlphaGo Needs One Game to Make History

AlphaGo program is developed by the Google’s DeepMind unit and it has defeated the Go Grandmaster Lee Sedol from South Korea in the 2nd match and now leads with 2-0. After the match Lee Sedol told the press that there was not even a single moment where he was dominating the game, he also said that the 2nd match was a total loss for him in terms of content.

It is first time in history that a 9-dan Go Players is competing against a AI Machine in a 5 match series for a whooping prize of $1 Million. After the 2nd victory Google’s AlphaGo has achieved a new milestone in the Artificial Intelligence and open a door with many possibility.

I wonder how our games will look like after this AI will storm the gaming industry, Google’s team that created the AlphaGo compared their victory to landing on a moon. But who knows Lee Sedol may strike back with a victory in his next encounter with the AI. The 5 match series is planned to run until this Tuesday.

Source: The Guardian