XCOM 2 Walkthrough

XCOM 2 Walkthrough

XCOM 2 Walkthrough

XCOM 2 is out now and the really well received by the gaming community. It’s a turn-based tactical strategy game in which you play as part of XCOM force and try to eliminate alien creatures that has invaded the earth. XCOM 2 is a sequel to award winning game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The game really defines the tactical, strategy and turn-based combat genre with amazing gameplay experience, graphics, visuals, variety of different environments and diverse situations allowing you to really come up with a new plan or strategy to win the battle.

XCOM 2 and other XCOM game series are slow because of turn-based combat and your enemy is evolving and gaining knowledge of you and your moves/strategies and reacting to these tactical changes in relevant manner. If your squad member dies on the battle ground it will not re-spawn and you will have to make adjustments to fill that void, which makes this game even more difficult and adventurous altogether.

In this XCOM 2 Walkthrough you will watch the complete video series of the game and learn different strategies that will help you in your gameplay of XCOM 2. In this walkthrough you will see how you can use your environment and your squad to build a good tactical plan to overcome various hurdles in your gameplay. To make things bit easier you can rank up your squad members and I know that you guys will definitely going to love this. You play this game as a cornered rat who want to make his way through all the trouble with not guarantee of of winning the battle and of safety.

We thank ChristopherOdd who created this amazing walthrough video series of XCOM 2, and I hope you guys will love it!

XCOM 2 Walkthrough – Part 1 – Welcome Back to XCOM Recruits!

XCOM 2 Walkthrough – Part 2 – Hack Advent Data Vault!

XCOM 2 Walkthrough – Part 3 – Extract the VIP!

XCOM 2 Walkthrough – Part 4 – Retaliation (Terror) Mission!

XCOM 2 Walkthrough-Part 5 – Hack On The Advent Train!

XCOM 2 Walkthrough-Part 6 – Supply Raid!

XCOM 2 Walkthrough-Part 7 – Advent Blacksite!

XCOM 2 Walkthrough-Part 8 – Capture Enemy VIP!

XCOM 2 Walkthrough-Part 9 – Tissue Analysis on ADVENT Train

XCOM 2 Walkthrough-Part 10 – Retaliation! The Last Civilian!

XCOM 2 Walkthrough-Part 11 – Mutons in Acid Grenades!

XCOM 2 Walkthrough-Part 12 – Skulljacking and Codex!