WWE 2K17 Review

WWE 2K17 Review
  • 8.5/10
    WWE 2K17 Review - 8.5/10

WWE 2K17 Review

Aside from bugs and issues, WWE 2K17 does deliver some interesting gameplay than last year’s WWE 2K16. The game has great graphics, animations, a large rosters and plenty of customization options. It’s definitely a step forward and best wrestling video game in last five years or so.

WWE 2K17 Review

WWE 2K17 Review

Today we are discussing an action packed fighting, I think we should use the correct term, wrestling video game WWE 2K17. In these reviews we provide some insights and info to our readers about the gameplay, graphics, first impressions and some other related and similar stuff of newly released video games.

Today FunkyVideoGames brings WWE 2K17 Review. WWE 2K17 was released a couple of days ago on 11th October, 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. WWE 2K17 was on our radar for one of the best video games for this month. Check out our full Top 10 Best Games for the month of October.

WWE 2K17 Review:

I played the WWE 2K16 and went into WWE 2K17 with various questions. This franchise is building itself up, in a sense that once it made the turn to this next generation, it kind of had to cut back some features. May be it’s because they rush it to ship the game onto the next gen consoles.

But now with every releasing into newer generation, it is adding new features and basically getting back where it was. It is worth noting for fans that WWE 2K17 definitely does feel like the most polished game in awhile. In general, there’s just more stuff in the game.

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The gameplay is more fine tuned and honed here and there but it hasn’t changed in a big way. But we’ll get more to this later. So, what WWE 2K17 really comes with? What’s the good stuff here?

WWE 2K17 Review – Universe Mode:

The thing I have enjoyed the most so far is Universe mode. Universe mode is where you have the chance to be a general manager, which is basically a sandbox. Playing this sandbox, you will make your own cool wrestling thing for yourself, I guess.

WWE 2K17 Review - Universe Mode

This is where, I think, WWE 2K17 really shines because it just adds so much more. This mode in general, has plenty of customization options, I mean down to the little details like show intro’s video packages, the music in those video packages, custom fireworks down to smaller details. If you’re just a big WWE wrestling fan, I think, that’ll keep you busy for incredibly long time.

WWE 2K17 Review – Career Mode:

The Career mode, at least for me, falls a little bit more flat than the last year. I think, it’s not hitting the potential that it really could with the general feel of rise to the progression to a wrestling superstar. It just doesn’t nail it, but it’s something to play through and keep you busy. And there’s more variety in Career Mode now at least.

WWE 2K17 Review - Promos

WWE 2K17 Review – Promos:

The ability to cut promos is a nice little shake up, and you can choose your words here and there before in the previous game. But now you can just straight up cut promos and talk smack and choose exactly what you want to say. It feels a little bit half big because all I really do is mime to words and read along like an RPG. So it feels like a half big feature but it’s still somewhat fun.

I did enjoy choosing my words and seeing the meter go up and seeing if I was focusing on more being a heel or more being an awesome guy. Some of the dialogues are really cheesy and corny. And I found myself that a wrestler would never say that. But for some reason I still kind of found it fun.

Thanks to different modes and shake ups, there is a little bit more variety to feel this time in WWE 2K17. The game feels more flushed out and the game doesn’t just feel as back to back matches.

WWE 2K17 Review – Back Stage and Dive Matches:

There’s also Diva matches which, interestingly enough, are still called Diva matches in the game. Even though WWE changed them to Women’s Division Championship. There’s a little more focus on that though but I really liked the return of back stage battles. Because these battles are just stupid, awesome and fun.

WWE 2K17 Review - Back Stage Matches

There is a lot of variety and a lot of interactivity with the environment to really do stuff and go nuts. And surprisingly, the back stage battles are pretty big there’s enough room to room around and to go into different rooms and hit each other  over the head like suitcases, garbage cans, TVs and tables.

WWE 2K17 Review – Bugs:

It will bother some people and I experienced it too, the game is pretty buggy as hell at some points. Sometimes the animations looks pretty awful and your character not doing what you want. But then there’s some more extreme bugs and glitches where I’ve had a character fly up into the air out of the arena and into a random place.

I’ve also had characters get caught on ropes, stuck in ladders and objects back stage. It can come off really messy sometimes and it isn’t a good look. And I’d say, it’s probably one of the more weaker aspects of the game.

WWE 2K17 Review – Character Customization and Smaller Changes:

WWE 2K17 Review - Character Customization

I have to mention the character customization, it’s really great. It’s really not as comprehensible and deep as its been  in the past. But it’s getting there and I had a lot of fun with it.

In terms of actual changes to the gameplay, as I said earlier, it’s smaller changes, teaks and fine tuning here and there. I did notice that they changed the ladder controls and the ladder system in general. There are other smaller nuances to the reversal system the gives you a few more options.

Sometimes, there’s multiple opportunities to reverse a certain type of move and it does kind of have different effects. And now there are minor reversals and major reversals. It does feel that there’s more depth to like everything and the game feels more like a sim than a fighting brawling type of game.

The newer 2K games are very divisive for people because I know there’s some people out there who just want no mercy in the game, and honestly I’m one of those people. Because I think that’d be really cook and awesome. But after WWE 2K16 and now WWE 2K17, this more simulator style gameplay is growing on me, I’ll admit.

WWE 2K17 Review – Animations:

Especially with the fine tuning  here and there, it does feel much better but ultimately every once in awhile you’ll be disappointed because you lost a match just because you are not that good at the mini game.

These games are fun when you play them with friends. When you get a bunch of friends and you just get a shit show going on, it will definitely make some memorable moments and stupid laughs. It’s may be because of the animation system which at times really feels motion captured and looks great and other times it looks just awkward as hell.

WWE 2K17 Review - Animations

Most of the time this game looks good from far away, from close it doesn’t look that hot. Some of the animations, muscle definition of a character and movements sure look interesting but most of the time it just not look too hot in motion.

If you are a wrestling fan, I think you will going to love WWE 2K17 because they just packed in so much fan service, even more than the last year’s WWE 2K16. There are plenty of features and elements that you definitely going to keep you busy for awhile.

Whether you are playing by yourself and going through universe mode, or you’re playing online which I didn’t have any issues, or if you’re siting with friends playing wrestling matches, it’s still plenty of fun to be had.

WWE 2K17 Review – Should You Buy:

The game is great but not perfect it has some issues but on the other hand it got plenty of great stuff too. Unless you are a die hard fan, I would not recommend to go by the second to buy this game. But I would say give it a look.

So guys, that’s WWE 2K17 for you. As I told you earlier we will provide you some pros cons, first impressions, discuss gameplay, graphics and my own personal opinion thrown in there too.

But now I do want to know your opinion about the game. What you guys think about this game? If you did pick it up, how do you feel about it? how you feel about the added features and modes? Let me know in the comments below.