We Happy Few Cheats Guide

We Happy Few Cheats Guide

We Happy Few Cheats Guide

We Happy Few is an action-adventure indie and survival video game from Compulsion Games. The game is set in 1960’s alternate England in a city called Wellington Wells. It’s a retro-futuristic and drug-fuelled city and you will have to do everything to blend in with its inhabitants.

The game offers three distinct and unique game modes; Wellie mode, sandbox and story. In the game you will have to deal with basic elements of life such as thirst, hunger and sleep. For your survival in We Happy Few, you’ll be exploring the procedurally generated world to scavenge supplies and resources to craft different weapons and tools. And if you want to choose the easy way you can use different cheats codes. That’s where we come in.

In We Happy Few Cheats Guide we will list all the cheat codes and unlockables with gameplay tips for PC, Xbox One and MAC/Linux versions of We Happy Few.

We Happy Few Cheats Guide:

At this moment, There are no cheat codes for We Happy Few on the Mac, Linux, PC and Xbox One yet. So until we discovered the We Happy Few Cheats, we made the We Happy Few Walkthrough to help you finish the game! We will list all the cheats codes here once they are discovered so please check back for the cheats and unlockables. While waiting for the cheats watch the Gampley of We Happy Few at the E3 2016 below:

We Happy Few Gameplay – The MIX:

Next is 15 minutes of gameplay discussion of We Happy Few with the Compulsion Games level/game designer Josh  who is playing through the pre-alpha build version of the game.

Stay tuned for We Happy Few Cheats. If you know about the cheat codes of We Happy Few, please feel free to let us know in comments below. You will be credited for finding out, Thank You!