Top 10 Best Video Games of May 2016

Top 10 Best Video Games of May 2016

Top 10 Best Video Games of May 2016

The year 2016 is full of awesome games and DLCs but the month May has something special about it, if you love games May 2016 will appeal you as one of the important month this year. Forget about your birthday because in this month some crazy games/DLCs are coming out. Obviously, some of these games will not do well in the the long term but all these games are pretty ambitious. So today FunkyVideoGames presents you Top 10 Best Video Games of May 2016 (The below list include video games that are released or planned to be released in May), these are the games we think worth paying attention to, so let’s get started.

10. Shadow of the Beast

Top 10 Best Video Games - Shadow of the Beast

Shadow of the Beast is actually a re-imagining of 1989 classic Amiga game, It’s a classic but if you haven’t played it don’t worry, not lot of people have. You play this creature Aarbron and you kill your way through 2 dimensional levels in a brutal, M-rated, sidescroller style beat ’em up game. The game looks very interesting visually and I think its worth noting that it does run at 60 FPS (Frame/Second) on PlayStation 4. That being said, Shadow of the Beast is only available on PlayStation 4 and planned for release on 17th May. It’s like Xbox One has Ori and the Blind Forest, PlayStation 4 has Shadow of the Beast game.

9. Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC

Top 10 Best Video Games - Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC

This Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC is releasing on May 19th and like all other aspects of Fallout 4 Season Pass, we do not know too much about it up until right before it releases. But we do know that this DLC is about new case from Valentine’s Detective Agency leading you on a search for a young woman and a secret colony of synths.

You travel to this mysterious island called Far Harbor that’s actually off the coast of Maine, that’s where the adventure starts. Here you can find new quests, gears, weapons, characters and bunch of other stuff. This will be the Fallout 4’s first big true expansion, worthy of some money I think! You know, if you have played any other major Fallout or Elder Scroll’s expansions, you know the deal here!

It’s worth noting that the land mass here is bigger than any other Bethesda expansion, actually it’s bigger than the Shivering Isles from Oblivion. That’s gonna be pretty damn big and definitely worth playing.

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan

Top 10 Best Video Games - TMNT Mutants in Manhattan

Platinum Games developed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan and it looks really awesome. It’s a beat ’em up game where you get to choose which Ninja Turtle you play as and they each have their own different abilities. Raphael can  partner with another Turtle and can do shell smashing attack, he is also the stealthiest character in the squad.

Donatello can serve as a healer and give pizza to other players. Michelangelo can do bunch of goofy break dance fighting moves and Leonardo can actually slow down time and attack enemies. This Ninja Turtle game, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan looks surprisingly awesome and graphics are stunning. But the main thing is that the combat looks really engaging. If you played the Platinum’s last effort at transformer’s game, you know the combat was nothing to scoff at and this looks really impressive.

7. Homefront: The Revolution

Top 10 Best Video Games - Homefront The Revolution

The first game in the Homefront series was not highly reviewed but it did receive a small cult following of fans. But Homefront: The Revolution really face disturbance in its development cycle; changing hands multiple times and going dark by changing publishers multiple times. However, what we have here looks like a pretty ambitious game. It has an open world occupied Philadelphia where its your chance to take this city back.

There’s weapon customization, base building, team tactics, stealth, remote controls cars with cameras on them and there’s even vehicles. We haven’t seen ton of this game but its really ambitious and we’re hoping it turns out good!

6. Battleborn

Top 10 Best Video Games - Battleborn

Battleborn is a hero based FPS action game. It seems every studio has one of these now but Battleborn is worth mentioning because it’s being made by Gearbox. We all know Gearbox for Borderlands. Battleborn got cool characters, great environments, stories and landscapes. The general vibe and gameplay is absolutely fun.

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Battleborn is based around team base competitive multiplayer 5v5 matches. But Gearbox’s double down progression system and factions seems pretty interesting. Not only that it is also worth mentioning that there is a story mode that can be played entirely single player. If the fast paced first person shooter competitive stuff doesn’t really jive with you at least you can try your hands at single player with signature Gearbox style.

5. Total War: Warhammer

Top 10 Best Video Games - Total War Warhammer

The Warhammer series returns to its original style roots in this big old fantasy strategy game that many fans are foaming up their mouth for! Total War: Warhammer combines turn-based and real time battles with not only managing your units and fighting out battles but also just amassing an empire.

There are four different races in Total War: Warhammer, The Empire, Dwarves, Vampire Counts and Greenskins. Like many of these type of games, these races have their own unique characters, stories, lore, abilities, unit attacks and play style. What’s really impressive here is that you can summon dragons and giants to start knocking the shit out of everybody.

In Total War: Warhammer you can create your own epic massive battles which looks like fantasy strategy gaming wet dream and that’s why we are excited about this game.

4. Stellaris

Top 10 Best Video Games - Stellaris

Stellaris is a 4X space exploration game, this is honestly a PC gamer’s game. For those who do not know what 4X means it stands for explore, expand, exploit and exterminate. And that’s pretty much everything you will be doing in Stellaris.

It’s worth mentioning that this game looks totally gorgeous and if you are a space nerd, you are probably gonna freak out. It’s a grand massive strategy with space exploration, there are thousand of planets and massive procedurally generated galaxy, a full diplomacy system to make peace or cause war and an entire ship designer to design your own ships. So it’s up to you, do you fly around through space and be a complete a**hole kill everyone and take every resource you can find or do you forge your own way and try to evolve technology and make peace. It’s up to you, people play these games for reason and that’s why Stellaris is worth checking out if you’re a PC gamer!

3. Overwatch

Top 10 Best Video Games - Overwatch

Now it’s Blizzard’s turn, Overwatch is also a hero based FPS action video game like Battleborn. We all have faith in Blizzard because they do some pretty awesome sh*t and Overwatch has been pretty promising. Alphas and Betas have been pretty great and players are actively looking forward to playing the final game.

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There are lot of great and completely different characters to play as in the game and we are really looking forward to get our hands on it. The best part is that it’s not just playable on PC but you can also play Overwatch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, it’s really cool that everyone can enjoy this game.

There are assassins, robots, humans, aliens and basically a character for everyone to play as here. And that’s why Overwatch is one of the Top 10 Best Video Games of May 2016.

2. Doom

Top 10 Best Video Games - Doom

Speaking of shooting games, now we have DOOM. Doom has been eagerly anticipated for a very long time and we are dying to cut our teeth into it. We got a decent amount of look at the single player, multiplayer and overall it looks pretty awesome.

The multiplayer is going to divide some people, everyone has a kind of different opinion on the multiplayer as old school fans kinda think it’s just like a Halo and new school fans find somethings new and exciting here. I think everyone just gonna have to decide for themselves but it does seem that Bethesda is doubling down on Multiplayer here. However, the single player component looks pretty awesome and crazy. Have you seen the amount of finishing kills in Doom? There are some areas in the game that are very arena based where you are running around and shooting scary demons, you are punching them in the face and ripping their arms off! And I’m all about it!

1. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Top 10 Best Video Games - Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is easily our most anticipated game for May 2016 and may be even the entire year. The apparent last adventure of Nathan Drake looks like it gonna be awesome. Not only do we have Nolan North reprising his role as Nathan Drake we also have Troy Baker voicing his brother this time around.

There is everything here, exploration, new driving sequences, swinging on ropes and shooting & punching dudes in the face. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is undeniably one of the Top 10 Best Video Games of May 2016, and the game is about to release on 10th May and I just can’t wait to play it.

These are all the Top 10 Best Video Games of May 2016 but most importantly we want to know in the comments what games you guys are gonna be playing in this month. Are you hyped for some Ninja Turtles action? Are you gonna get some Hero based FPS action games? Or do you just want to push everything aside and play some Uncharted 4?