This is the Police Cheats

This is the Police Cheats

This is the Police Cheats

This is the Police is one of the latest PC games and, it’s an awesome adventure strategy and police management video game from Weappy Studio. This is the Police got pretty good reviews from various reviewers and gamers around the world. As we have mentioned earlier, it’s one of the latest PC games that released in the month of August. The game has a pretty straight forward story where you play as Police Chief Jack Boyd. Your main goal is to finish your career at the time of your retirement with $500,000 in your bank account.

To achieve this goal you can use whatever means you want, you can play a bad police officer who only care for himself and for money or you can play as a good police officer who is trying to get rid of Mafia and gangs and want to eliminate the root cause of crime in the city of Freeburg.

But these are not the simple decisions, you have to account for mayor, city hall, prosecutor and other rich citizens who are living in the city and demanding favors from the police. You may also want to use different cheat codes to help you out in achieving your goals in this dark story of crime and corruption.

This is the Police Cheats:

If you are looking for This Is The Police cheats on the PC / Mac and Linux, you are at the right place. Here in This is the Police Cheats, we will list all This Is The Police cheat codes and other unlockables with some tips for this latest PC game, This is the Police from Weappy Studio.

This Is The Police Tips and Tricks:

In the below video, EnterElysium provides some great tip and tricks as well as tells the back story of This is the Police to help you get started really early in the game.

 Watch the complete walkthrough of the game at This is The Police Walkthrough.

‘So Barbaric’ Trailer Cutscene of This is the Police has a very nice reference to the Duke Nukem 3D.

Currently there are no other This Is The Police cheats for the PC and MAC yet. So until we discovered these cheats for you, we have made other useful This Is The Police guides listed below to help you with some tips and tricks for this police management game.

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