ReCore Health Boosters Locations

ReCore Health Boosters Locations

ReCore Health Boosters Locations

ReCore is a sci-fi action-adventure video game from Armature Studio and Comcept with tons of platforming. The game has a vast desert planet as area that you will explore in the game. ReCore is not an open world game but it include a very vast world separated by various loading screens.

If you want to survive longer in the game you will have to find the Health Boosters. As the name suggest, these Health Boosters can boost health of your character. You can find these Health Boosters while exploring the desert planet, some Health Boosters are pretty easy to find but others are hidden in dangerous dungeons.

ReCore Health Boosters Locations:

In ReCore Health Boosters Locations guide we will show you the location of all the Health Boosters that you can find in this action platformer video game, ReCore. Following are the loctaions of Health Booster to find in ReCore:

1st ReCore Health Booster Location:

When you beat the first boss in the game and return to Crawler, just look on top of Crawler for HP upgrade.

2nd ReCore Health Booster Location:

The 2nd Health Booster can be found inside the Pylon 512. When you’re looking for 6 Cell Bots, you’ll come to the point where you have to dash through the blue portal things. But before you dash through the portals, just turn around and inside a room you’ll find the 2nd Health Booster.

3rd ReCore Health Booster Location:

You can find this Health Booster in Lonely Basin map. You will find a dungeon named Cavern Rush on this map. Across from Cavern Rush there’s a big rock and there are some platforms that you can actually jump to. Reach the top of this tall rock and you will find the 3rd Health booster on the outskirts.

4th ReCore Health Booster Location:

There is one more Health Booster in Cavern Rush dungeon. During 2nd set of jumps it’ll be on the last platform that moves from the left to the right. Just wait for the platform to move all the way to left.

5th ReCore Health Booster Location:

This Health Booster is very deep into Core Foundry area. After you prevent a core from exploding you’ll then make it to other set of electric balls. At the 2nd set that does not go in circles around crates, just stay on left side. End of this path you’ll find the crate where you can jump on up to the right side. Follow this path and you’ll find a chest. Just look above this chest and you will see a Health Booster. Jump up on the metal thing above this chest and use it to jump to a crate that is near this Health Booster.

6th ReCore Health Booster Location:

You can find this Health Booster in a dungeon called The Brood Hive. After the 1st red switch you’ll drop down into a place where you will find various flying enemies. Now where you fell just look behind and you’ll see a Health Capsule.

7th ReCore Health Booster Location:

You can easily get this Health Booster Just by Beating Crucible Dungeon.

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