ReCore Achievements Guide

ReCore Achievements Guide

ReCore Achievements Guide

ReCore is an action-adventure sci-fi video game developed by Armature Studio and Comcept. The game is published by Microsoft Studios for Xbox One and Windows. In the game you will play as Joule Adams as one of the last surviving humans. You have your Corebot companions who will assist you in combat and puzzle solving throughout the game.

The game has various achievements that you will unlock by completing different tasks. Some achievements are pretty easy to unlock but there are some that will definitely give you a hard time. But don’t worry, in ReCore Achievements Guide we will show you a list of all the achievements in the ReCore game and how to unlock them.

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ReCore Achievements Guide:

There are total of 53 achievements including 5 secret/hidden achievements for the PC and Xbox One version of the game. Apart from this you will also earn 1,000 GameScore points for unlocking these achievements.

Following is the list of all the achievements that you can unlock in RecCore:

ReCore Achievements Guide: (Normal)

1 – Yoink! (10G Points): Extract the enemy’s Core.

2 – Ding! (10G Points): Level Up the Corebot.

3 – End of the Beginning (30G Points): Complete Granite Steps.

4 – Workbench Apprentice (30G Points): Craft a Part.

5 – Safe Harbor (20G Points): Find an entrance to the Pylon 512.

6 – Matched! (30G Points): Using Color Matching, take down an enemy.

7 – Terraformer (30G Points): Restore power to the Pylon 512.

8 – Color Cannon (30G Points): Upgrade the Joule’s Energy Rifle.

9 – The More The Merrier (30G Points): Seth joins the Joule’s Crew.

10 – Three’s Company (30G Points): Duncan joins teh Joule’s Crew.

11 – Ready for Takeoff (40G Points): Make a FL1 – R Frame.

12 – Toxic Transit (30G Points): Complete a Warren.

13 – Affinity Matrix (40G Points): Find all the Attachments for the Energy Rifle.

14 – Journey’s End (40G Points): Complete all the Story Missions.

15 – Identity Crisis (40G Points): Put Mack into the non K – 9 Frame.

16 – Stronger And Stronger (40G Points): Use the Core Fusion to increase the stat on any Core.

17 – Dressed For Success (40G Points): Outfit the Corebot with any type of completed Part Set.

18 – Rapid Removal (30G Points): Execute instant extraction.

19 – That’ll Leave a Mark (30G Points): Smash something using AP – 3 Frame.

20 – Workbench Adept (10G Points): Craft Ten (10) Parts.

21 – Descent into Madness (10G Points): Find All the Julius Roldán’s log book entries.

22 – Love You, Kiddo (10G Points): Find All the Thomas Adams’s log book entries.

23 – Dust Devil (10G Points): Find All the Natalie Bright’s log book entries.

24 – For the Revolution! (10G Points): Find All the Violet’s log book entries.

25 – Juggler (10G Points): Achieve Combo of 20.

26 – Master Juggler (10G Points): Achieve Combo of 40.

27 – Charged Up (10G Points): Cause 10,000+ Damage in just one hit.

28 – Sticky Fingers (10G Points): Execute 20 instant Extractions.

29 – Locked And Loaded (10G Points): Max out Energy Rifle level of Joule.

30 – Well Fed (10G Points): Max out 1 friendly Core through the Core Fusion.

31 – All Grown Up (10G Points): Max out Corebot to a level 30.

32 – The Architect (10G Points): Find all the Blueprint set.

33 – Big Game Hunter (10G Points): Complete all the Hunting Challenges in 1 category.

34 – Never Felt Better (10G Points): Upgrade the health of Joule to maximum.

35 – Prismatic Perfection (10G Points): Find all Prismatic Cores.

36 – Core Catcher (10G Points): Extract total of 25 Cores.

37 – Core Collector (10G Points): Extract total of 50 Cores.

38 – Core Connoisseur (10G Points): Extract total of 10 Cores.

39 – All The Monies (10G Points): Collect the 50000 E-Turner.

40 – Let’s Do This, Violet! (10G Points): Use the Fast Travel station.

41 – Spelunker (10G Points): Complete all the Dungeon once.

42 – Sand Scratcher (10G Points): Dig up total of 10 items using the K-9 Frame.

43 – Dune Demolisher (10G Points): Dig up total of 20 items using the K-9 Frame.

44 – Light As A Feather (10G Points): Glide for 20 seconds continuously using the FL1 – R Frame.

45 – Bargain Basin (10G Points): Find all the Hardware pickups in Lonely Basin after the Plyon 512 is repaired.

46 – Cradle Robber (10G Points): Find all the Hardware pickups in The Cradle.

47 – Exclusion Zoner (10G Points): Find all the Hardware pickups in Shifting Sands.

48 – Core Swapper (10G Points): Use all the Lethal combinations.

ReCore Achievements Guide: (Secret)

49 – So You’re Victor (30G Points): Complete a Core Foundry.

50 – Paradise Central (30G Points): Reach to the Far Eden Tower.

51 – And Stay Down! (40G Points): Defeat Victor at the bottom of E-Tower.

52 – Workbench Artisan (10G Points): Craft total of 25 Parts.

53 – Workbench Wonder (20G Points): Craft total of 50 Parts.