Pokemon Go How to Use Ingress to Find Rare Pokemon

Pokemon Go How to Use Ingress to Find Rare Pokemon

Pokemon Go How to Use Ingress to Find Rare Pokemon

Niantic Inc. developed the Pokemon Go game, same company that launched the geo-caching combat game called Ingress using the similar map system, when Niantic were owned by the Google. What many of the users do not know that there’s a trick where players can use the Ingress game as a guide to find and catch rare/very rare/epic Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

In Pokemon Go How to Use Ingress to Find Rare Pokemon guide we will tell you the secret how you can use Ingress Game to find & catch rare/epic Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

How to Use Ingress to Find Rare Pokemon:

First of all download Ingress game from the App Store / Google Play Store. Then launch and play the game. Get through the Ingress tutorial and start playing the game same as you play Pokemon Go. The main mechanics in the Ingress is that you’ve to find and collect white dots that are known as XM to gain energy.

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XM or white dots are located where there’s a lot of cellular traffic. Specifically this cellular traffic is where the Google has access to the member’s location information, particularly for the Ingress game. Because of this reason most of the shopping malls, downtown areas and shopping centers tend to have great amount of XM.

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Go to an area with huge amount of XM, then switch to Pokemon Go App, and you will start seeing loads of Pokemon, including higher number of epic/rare Pokemon. If you see any rare Pokemon on ‘Nearby’ list in Pokemon Go. If the Pokemon is 2/3 footsteps away then go back to Ingress and find a place nearby that has higher XM, and then switch to Pokemon Go. This way, you are most likely to come across a location of rare Pokemon or other rare Pokemon that had not popped up.

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The portals in Ingress game are generally carried over to the Pokemon Go game as PokeStops and Gyms, but there is a possibility that many of these portals are not carried over. So if you see a portal that has not carried over to Pokemon Go or you’re an experienced player in Ingress and you know about some portals that have not been converted into PokeStops, head to these locations as there’s a high possibility of finding huge amount of XM and ultimately lot of rare/epic Pokemon.

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If people in a certain area collected the XM in Ingress game recently, then it’ll take some time to re-spawn. So if you suspect that there should be huge amount of XM in specific place, wait around a little bit or open the Ingress app later to check it if there’s XM. Otherwise just head to a different place and hunt for XM/Pokemon.