Pokemon Go Team Leaders

Pokemon Go Team Leaders

Pokemon Go Team Leaders

Today in San Diego Comic Con the CEO of Niantic Labs, John Hanke, reveals the team leaders of Pokemon Go. Now we have all the info and details about the future of the Pokemon Go, John Hanke also confirmed that he would not announce any legendary Pokemon today.

In Pokemon Go Team Leaders we will present you all the three team leaders in Pokemon Go for the Team Valor, Team Mystic and Team Instinct. There is a heated debate over which one of the three teams is the best in Pokemon Go. Obviously the best team is Mystic but today we also learned that the Team Instinct has it pretty rough.

Pokemon Go Team Leaders:

The designs for the three team leaders were revealed in the Comic Con in San Diego by Niantic. Thousands of People are there in the hope that there may be an announcement for legendary Pokemon. But this rumor didn’t pan out well. But we got the chance to see the team leaders.

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The leader of Team Valor (Red Team) is Candela. Candela wears white jacket with red patterns to go along with the team’s color. If you the Blue Team Mystic then your leader is Blanche. Blanche wears long blue trenchcoat with amazing shoes to match. The only male leader in the three teams, Spark is leader of the Yellow Team Instinct. He wears a black jacket over a gold hoodie with matching golden gloves.

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Pokémon Go was released on 5th July in Australia, New Zealand and North America. And in these three weeks it has made millions of Pokemon fans crazy for rare and legendary Pokemon. Recently, Pokemon Go launched in Japan and is awaiting a launch of Pokemon Go Plus that offers a wearable device to help users catch Pokemon.