Pokemon Go Errors and Bugs Fixes

Pokemon Go Errors and Bugs Fixes

Pokemon Go Errors and Bugs Fixes

Pokemon Go is an adventure augmented reality game from Niantic, Inc. The game has really got a great attention in just the first week of its release. It has around 50 Million installs and it is also one of those game that got real attention on different social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

But there are plenty of players complaining about bugs and errors in the gameplay of Pokemon Go. In Pokemon Go Errors and Bugs Fixes we will list most of the issues that you may face during the gameplay of Pokemon Go. We will also provide you with workarounds and solutions for these issues, bugs and errors.

Pokemon Go Errors and Bugs Fixes:

Pokemon Go Battery Issue:

While playing Pokemon Go, you may face this issue where your battery will drain quickly. You really do not want your smartphone to go dead in the deserted place while enjoying Pokemon Go. The best solution for this particular issue is a battery bank or Power Bank. But if you do not have a power bank backup then you can use the following tweaks and workarounds:

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  • Make sure to enable ‘Battery Saver’ in settings menu of the Pokemon Go.
  • Sett the screen brightness to least possible level.
  • Disable all Background apps while playing Pokemon Go.
  • Lower the Volume.
  • Disable your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi if you’re playing Pokemon Go outside using the Mobile data.

Pokemon Go GPS Not Working:

Currently developers are working on this issue. Many Trainers have complained about this issue. Few of these trainers has submitted that they’ve missed a rare Pokemon with this issue which is definitely not a good thing. For now, as the developers are looking looking into this issue, make sure to follow these workarounds;

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  • Set the GPS option to On.
  • Allow the Location Settings for the Pokemon Go.
  • Set GPS to Accurate/High mode.

Pokemon Go Account Signed Out Issue:

This issue is related with servers. Sometimes due to different reasons, a server may go down temporarily and you may see a pop up with an account signed out message. Just be patient restart your game and try logging in again after few minutes.

Pokemon Go Items and Coins Disappearing Issue:

It is only a temporary issue and it can be solved by restarting Pokemon Go app. If this doesn’t solve the issue please restart your Mobile. And if that also fails please leave us a comment below.

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Pokemon Go App Freezes Andriod/iOS:

There isn’t any workaround for android other than killing the Pokemon Go app in the ‘Running Apps’ drawer and then re launching it. However, if you’re an iPhone user you can disable the LTE option to fix this issue. For this, go to Settings – Cellular – Cellular Data and there turn the LTE option off.

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Phone Overheating Issue:

First of all, make sure that you’re not running any other apps while playing Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go requires GPS and internet to work and it can create burden on the Processor and the result will be an overheated mobile. Give your smartphone a little break every time your mobile gets overheated. Also make sure that ‘Battery Saver’ option is switched on.

This guide will be updated for more issues workarounds, bugs and error fixes for Pokemon Go. So stay tuned!