PlayStation 4 Pro Vs Xbox Scorpio

PlayStation 4 Pro Vs Xbox Scorpio

PlayStation 4 Pro Vs Xbox Scorpio

We finally know what’s going on with the PlayStation 4 Pro which is simultaneously PlayStation’s answer to Project Scorpio as well as its co-option of it. If you’ve missed the Sony’s unveil of PlayStation 4 Pro, we got you covered at PlayStation 4 Pro Everything You Need to Know. So now the question is, what is the difference between PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio?

Today on FunkyVideoGames we will discuss PlayStation 4 Pro Vs Xbox Scorpio and how these two powerful consoles are different from each other.

PlayStation 4 Pro Vs Xbox Scorpio – Release Date:

The first and most obvious difference between the two is release date. PlayStation 4 Pro is coming much sooner, it will hit stores on 10th November, 2016. This early release of PS4 Pro will give it a bit of head start, but at the same time it will also limit the technology they are going to use in PS4 Pro. The release date for Xbox Scorpio is Holiday 2017.

PlayStation 4 Pro Vs Xbox Scorpio – Specifications:

At this time, we have more info on PlayStation 4 Pro’s specs than the Xbox Scorpio. We have a soft list of some specs of PS4 Pro because some of the things have not been specified by Sony. It may be because they haven’t finalized these things yet or may be they don’t want to say what it is.

At E3 Microsoft mention that Xbox Scorpio is going to have a 8 core processor but they didn’t mention any clock speed. Now keep one thing in mind that Scorpio will come out a year into the future and the PlayStation 4 Pro comes out in November. PS4 Pro is also going to have an octa core cpu and it will be an x86-64 Jaguar. Obviously, its structure is very similar to the standard PlayStation 4. Most of the tech giants evaluated that each of the cores of PS4 Pro will clock in at 2.1 GHz.

On paper this thing may not mean a lot. Depending on how it is utilized, if Project Scorpio’s processors aren’t really higher than the 2.1 GHz, it may not be that different. For instance, Xbox One has a 1.75 GHz octa core AMD CPU compared to PS4’s 1.6 GHz octa core AMD CPU. And in  a lot of cases the PS4 works better.

There are probably various reasons why they’re not releasing specific numbers for either PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio. Well, Sony is very likely not exactly sure what they are competing with and Microsoft probably doesn’t want to put numbers out knowing that they may not be able to do better. I mean, they have a year and people will expect more so they need to figure out how they can work noticeably better than the PlayStation 4 Pro.

PlayStation 4 Pro vs Xbox Scorpio - Graphics

PlayStation 4 Pro Vs Xbox Scorpio – Graphics:

The graphics is where we get little bit more specific, and for the sake of comparison the Xbox Scorpio is definitly going to be in a better place. On paper, Project Scorpio’s 6 TERAFLOPS is significantly higher than PlayStation 4 Pro’s 4.20 TERAFLOPS. On paper, it is a very clear advantage for Project Scorpio but as far as what both of these consoles are expressing to do namely; render 4k graphics at a decent frame rate. We have already seen that PS4 Pro is most certainly capable of doing so. On top of that a technology that both of them are touting very hard is HDR.

And again we have seen it in action of PS4 Pro at this point. Obviously tech demos not mean everything, but having a practical footage where a machine delivers on what it claims to be able to do and doing it well definitely provide a little bit of advantage.

Next Holiday season, is 4K and HDR going to be a really big deal? Will the extra 1.8 TFLOPS of graphics processing power actually be a significant improvement for the Xbox Scorpio to make a noticeable difference? I hope so because I’m not in it for a brand but for a better console and I really want stuff to work better.

But what we’ve seen with the current machines is that numbers on paper don’t necessarily translate. So, by default we have to say that Project Scorpio is better, most likely on both CPU and GPU front. But until we put one in our hands and actually play it in comparison to a game that is also available on PS4 Pro, it’s really gonna be up in the air. And an year is a very long time to be up in the air.

PlayStation 4 Pro Vs Xbox Scorpio – RAM:

One of the advantage that PS4 has throughout this generation is the RAM, it uses 8 GB GDDR5 RAM. The RAM that Xbox One uses is 8 GB GDDR3. It’s the same amount (8GB) but the bandwidth of GDDR5 provides more better results.

The RAM in Xbox One S is still GDDR3 but the Project Scorpio is going to make the jump to GDDR5. Now whether or not they stick with 8 GB, there’s still no way to say it but it would definitely be crazy for them to not to use GDDR5 RAM.

PlayStation 4 Pro Vs Xbox Scorpio – 4K Blu-Ray Stream and Games Compatibility:

Something Project Scorpio is going to do that PS4 Pro does not is already being done by the Xbox One S and that is 4K Blu-Ray stream. You cannot put 4K Blu-Ray into a PS4 Pro and get anything out of it. It’s not gonna work, which is weird considering it does support 4K Streaming.

There are also rumors that they are going to charge for patches that will make games more compatible with PlayStation 4 Pro features but that’s flat out against the rules that Sony has put out for developers. PlayStation is taking the same route that the Xbox One which is creating a gaming Platform as oppose to a gaming machine.

Games are made to be compatible with both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 4 Pro just as Xbox One games are meant to be compatible with Project Scorpio and vice versa. You are not allowed to make a game that will only play on one of the consoles. Hopefully this is being done with the intention of backward compatibility.

PlayStation 4 Pro Vs Xbox Scorpio – Price:

PlayStation 4 Pro is going to cost you $399 in North America and £349 in United Kingdom. There is no definitive price announced on Scorpio but currently the Xbox One S sells for $299 (500 GB), $349 (1 TB),  $399 (2 TB). PlayStation 4 Pro is only coming in 1 TB model, again we do not have the information on what Scorpio will come with, but I suspect not much difference.

PlayStation 4 Pro vs Xbox Scorpio - VR

PlayStation 4 Pro Vs Xbox Scorpio – VR:

If you are into VR that’s probably going to be where you are seeing the biggest difference between the two. The PSVR is a pretty powerful machine. And the most likely reason for the PlayStation 4 Pro’s existence in coming out year earlier. But Microsoft revealed that Scorpio is going to actually be capable of running higher resolution VR devices and the ones tat aren’t propriety such as Oculus Rift/ HTC Vive which both run at significantly higher resolution 2160X1200 than PSVR 1920X1080.

But how much this matter is remain to be seen and I think that is kind of focus of both of these companies that why are they making these consoles. That and moving over to the idea of Xbox and PlayStation being gaming platforms rather than each new generation being a new gaming platform. In a way they both are going the iPhone route in that they upgraded but it’s compatible with all the other products/technology until it is absolutely impossible to run new things on old hardware. But in theory backwards compatibility is, from now on, going to be a standard feature.

So it’s time for you to jump in, what exactly do you people think about these two new updates to the consoles and do you think that Sony’s year long head start is going to give them a distinct advantage? Or do you think Microsoft’s better hardware is going to give them a distinct advantage? Let us know in the comments below!