Overwatch Ana Amari Strategy Tips

Overwatch Ana Amari Strategy Tips

Ana Amari is the newest hero / character released for Overwatch, a FPS multiplayer video game, from Blizzard Entertainment. Ana Amari is the first character released since the launch of this game. She is a pretty awesome bounty hunter support character who can also snipe.

Ana Amari is Pharah’s mother and has some pretty awesome weapons in her sleeve. In Overwatch Ana Amari Strategy Tips guide we will provide you strategy tips and tricks to use this new character in Overwatch, so that you can get the most out of Ana Amari.

Overwatch Ana Amari Strategy Tips:

1 – Ana Amari has 6 darts/clip in the Biotic Rifle, so make sure that every bullet you fire hits the target. If you fire hastily and waste bullets the chances are that you will be caught off guard. Since Ana uses her Biotic Rifle to harm enemies and help allies, her ammo will run out quickly. You should be careful regarding your aim accuracy and not wasting bullets because you’ll be playing as both defensive and offensive player at the same time.

2 – As we all know that Ana Amari is added in the Support Character category in Overwatch, players should focus on assisting the team rather than playing offensive. It is good to be able to attack your enemies, but remember one thing that your team members need your support to help them win matches. we know from Ana’s origin story that she has always believed in protecting and defending people she cares for, so you should start caring about your squad.

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3 – Unlike Widowmaker, unfortunately Ana Amari does not have a luxury to fire off multiple rounds from the Biotic Rifle. Which means you should probably keep yourself at a distance from the action and help your allies. If you want to involve in the action then snipe your enemies from a distance.

4 – She is also not as mobile as Widowmaker and she can not go to the high places on her own. This means that you will be sniping from different spots that are also accessible to the majority of players.

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5 – Ana Amari’s Biotic Grenade has a cool down of 10 seconds, which means players should not expect to use Biotic Grenades very often. They will be great to use if there is a group of allies and enemies battling in a small space. We do not suggest throwing Biotic Grenades to a single target because its cool down is way too long.

6 – Sleep Dart will lose its effectiveness if the opponent / enemy is attacked. Remember one thing that use Sleep Dart as an escape attempt from the opponent / enemy. If the enemy caught you off guard and has low health you can eliminate him with the Biotic Rifle. But if their health is good then it would be wise to just run away using Sleep Dart and let your allies finish them off.