Overwatch Ana Amari Abilities Guide

Overwatch Ana Amari Abilities Guide

Overwatch is an action first person shooter multipalyer video game form Blizzard Entertainment. After the initial release in May 2016, now Blizzard Entertainment has released the first new hero of Overwatch, Ana Amari. Ana Amari is a Bounty Hunter and in her past life, she was connected with Overwatch. She was one of the founding members of Overwatch.

Ana Amari is also Pharah’s mother, she taught her daughter everything that she knows. From the origin story of Ana Amair we know that she uses her skills, abilities and expertise to protect and defend her people and homeland. In Overwatch Ana Amari Abilities guide you will learn about all the skills and abilities of Overwatch’s new hero Ana Amari.

Overwatch Ana Amari Abilities Guide:

Ana Amari is a unique 60 year old Hero as we do not experience many support snipers in gaming world. Most snipers that we see are tend to be lone wolves and assist their team by taking down opponents/enemies out from afar. In Overwatch Ana Amari cannot only be a traditional sniper, but Ana can also support her team with the use of Biotic weaponry.

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Ana Amari Abilities – Biotic Rifle:

Ana Amari’s Biotic Rifle does not shoot bullets, instead it shoots darts which are capable of either depleting or restoring health. Of course, this depends on which character you are facing as friends / Allies will be healed, while the enemies will be harmed. Ana Amari’s Biotic Rifle also has scope that makes her shoots even more accurate and impressive.

Ana Amari Abilities – Sleep Dart:

If Ana Amari is caught off guard then she can use Sleep Dart ability to render her enemy unconscious. The Sleep Dart  can be used through a small pistol which is located at Ana Amari’s hip, so be sure you’ve an enemy in sight or you can miss your chance.

Ana Amari Abilities – Biotic Grenade:

Same as the Biotic rifle, the Biotic Grenade is capable of healing heroes and harming enemies within small area. What makes Biotic grenade even more helpful or harmful, is that it does not allow your enemies to be healed for a short period of time. And heroes/allies that are caught in its blast can have increased healing from all the sources. This Biotic Grenade would be very helpful for friends/allies who are on the edge of death as Ana Amari could toss them a biotic grenade to provide them an initial healing boost. And then shoot them with the Biotic Rifle dart to further their healing treatment.

Ana Amari Abilities – Nano Boost:

Ana Amari is all about assisting the team, and a Nano Boost ability is very helpful as she can boost her friend’s combat abilities. Allies/heroes that receive a Nano Boost can deal more damage, take less damage from their enemy attacks and move faster for a short period of time.