No Man’s Sky How to Name Your Discoveries

No Man's Sky How to Name Your Discoveries

No Man’s Sky How to Name Your Discoveries

No Man’s Sky is out now for PlayStation 4 and the PC users have to wait a little longer, the released is 12th August for Microsoft Windows. No Man’s Sky is an adventure survival and sci-fi space video game with procedurally generated universe. No Man’s Sky’s universe is fully packed with unique planets, animals, plants, oceans, etc. that are ready to be discovered and named by players.

In No Man’s Sky How to Name Your Discoveries, we will teach you how you can scan your surroundings, rename and then upload the discoveries in No Man’s Sky. All the discoveries that you will make in the game will earn you Units (In-game currency) and also provide you a credit for discovering new species.

No Man’s Sky How to Name Your Discoveries:

Every planet in No Man’s Sky has variety of animals and plants. The universe in No Man’s Sky is procedurally generated, so there may be some similarities in different planets but all your discoveries will be counted as separate ones. Just keep your eyes pealed for small differences, or just keep the Analysis Visor ready at all times. As discovering new species will need a Analysis Visor, we presume that you have not scrapped your Analysis visor.

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First of all you need to find a unique animal or plant that hasn’t been already discovered and named yet. When you find one then press and hold the R2 button to open your Analysis Visor.Hold your visor over the subject you would like to name. Make sure to scan every animal in the pack, because even if they all look similar, there is a good chance that they’ll count as a separate discovery because of minor variations. Once the scan is finished, it’ll identify a scientific name for the scanned subject.

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To Rename it, go to your Options menu and open the Discoveries tab. Now Hold the Triangle button to go into renaming menu. Here you can input the desired name and then press R2 when you have finished renaming it.

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Renaming the subject will upload it to the server automatically and also reward you some Units. If you would like to upload a subject without renaming then simply hold down the Square button. Plants can reward you up to 500 units, while the animals can go up to 1,500 Units. You may think that these rewards are small, but you can easily stack up lots of Units by discovering new things.