No Man’s Sky How to Get an Atlas Pass

No Man's Sky How to Get an Atlas Pass

No Man’s Sky How to Get an Atlas Pass

No Man’s Sky is out and it is already building great buzz as players explore its mysterious, vast and lonely universe. However, with a procedurally generated universe or open world game of this magnitude that gamers have ever seen before; one where you have unlimited supply of planets to name, discover and salvage, some gamers might be looking for a some guidance.

As with almost every game nowadays, there are some things in No Man’s Sky that do not make any sense at first, but these things will eventually become clear as players progress. One of these things is an Atlas Pass. Atlas Pass is basically a kind of key-card that allows players to enter any locked areas/doors in a space station / outposts.

No Man’s Sky How to Get an Atlas Pass:

In No Man’s Sky How to Get an Atlas Pass guide we will tell you how you can get an Atlas pass and unlock different doors and areas on space stations/outpost that are previously not accessible to you in No Man’s Sky. You can acquire a blueprint to craft an Atlas Pass after visiting an Atlas Station.

The first thing you should do is to follow No Man’s Sky’s main progression. It’ll provide you a quest to build a hyperdrive. Build a hyperdrive and then jump to a new star system. Now just follow the storyline and wait for a notification on the bottom right corner of the screen that says “Find us. Hear us’. A marker will appear for the Monolith on your HUD. Now you will need to go to this Monolith.

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Interact with this Monolith and after this , when headed into the star map, an message should be on your screen that says ‘Anomaly Detected’. Follow this anomaly to the Atlas Station. Land and claim Warp Cells and then talk with an entity to claim an Atlas Stone. Now Jump away to the next way point and iteract with it through the terminal and then again board your ship and jump to the next way point, here you should detect special Space Anomaly.

Enter this anomaly just like a space station, and then speak with a Specialist inside. He will ask a question, answer him and then he’ll award you an Atlas Pass V1 blueprint. In addition to the pass, another Alien will offer you a choice between gathering resources for exploration or having clear path,with a shortcut to the center of galaxy involving a Black Hole.

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You can easily craft the Atlas pass by gathering the following resources; 25 Iron and 10 Heridium. Once you gather all these items, open your inventory and craft an Atlas Pass V1 using Square button. Now you can easily open any locked doors / containers /areas that require Atlas Pass v1.

There are other highly secure areas/doors/containers that require Atlas Pass V2 or Altas Pass V3. You will need to follow this Atlas questline to acquire these versions of the Atlas Pass.

You can watch the below video for more information on How to Get an Atlas Pass in No Man’s Sky: