MSI Launches The New Gaming Desktop Generation MSI Aegis

MSI Launches The New Gaming Desktop Generation MSI Aegis

MSI Launches The New Gaming Desktop Generation MSI Aegis

Yesterday on 22nd April, 2015 MSI Launches The New Gaming Desktop Generation MSI Aegis, its a sharp, sophisticated and powerful gaming desktop. This new gaming desktop generation: MSI Aegis’s design is built to be the best and ultimate weapon for gamers. MSI Aegis comes with stunning case design which is compact, very easy to upgrade and also features a MSI GeForce GPU, up to GTX 970. Featuring Intel Core technology and smart cooling system, MSI Aegis is sharp as Samurai Sword and built only for the real gaming champions.

MSI built this revolutionize gaming desktop design from scratch, for this they went back to drawing board and crafted a sharp, unmatched and incredible looking gaming desktop with components of a full-sized desktop packed into a real compact case.

Play all the latest games in ultra graphics settings with MSI Aegis. You can easily equip MSI Aegis with the new high-end and latest graphics cards. The compact case of MSI Aegis is future proof, as this gaming desktop has enough space for high-end full sized graphics card that can bring massive power that real gamers need.

To get the ultimate performance from MSI Aegis, the desktop is equipped with Silent Storm Cooling 2 which is a very powerful cooling system. MSI Aegis Embraces 3 independent air flow streams to take care different components within the system. The unique design of Silent Storm Cooling 2 makes sure that you have a cool and silent experience as the system’s temperature stays totally under control.

For real gamers and hardcore enthusiasts who always want the best gaming experience out of their system, MSI Aegis’s components are easily accessible and completely ready to upgrade. Whether you want to upgrade the graphics card, switch to another CPU or expand storage, you can easily keep the MSI Aegis gaming desktop up to date.

The New Gaming Desktop Generation: MSI Aegis is a ready-to-go gaming system and it will be available worldwide at the end of April.

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